Living Abroad: Things That Tend to Go Unmentioned


How to live abroad when you at the ripe age of 21 and do want to get the chance to discover what the world can offer you? Having no desire to “settle down” and “grow up” completely, with the bachelor degree in hand, I moved to Germany to work as an au pair for a year. One thing that I knew for sure at that right moment - ...

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How to Clarify the Types of Post-Secondary Students in a Class?


Talking about your social circle, you probably have some friends studying at the university or college. They may be not just your acquaintances but truly close friends, while others may not seem to be that intimate and familiar for you.One way or another, here is a guide of various types of students you are going to meet within the walls o...

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How to Overcome Procrastination


Almost every student faced procrastination. Scientists say that people avoid and postpone assignments that bring unpleasant emotions, and instead of them, they do things that can give short-term pleasure. We begin to experience a feeling of guilt and shame in such situations, and because of this, we continue to be inactive even further. However,...

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How to Declutter Digital Life: Effective Tips


Each of us has own digital life. Some people have just a few messages, but others have thousands of emails, spams, advertisements, etc. Some people suffer from chaos in their profiles, but others do not care about it. First of all, you should answer the question, "Do I have the necessity to declutter my digital life?" If you seek for the ways of...

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Best Selling Fantasy Books


As George R.R. Martin said in one of his interviews, the world around us is grey and plastic. This reality is full of lugubrious faces and dreams that are either turning into nightmares or never coming true. If you want to bring the colors back to your life and escape from bitter reality just even for a fleeting moment, explore the compelling ta...

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