How to Get a Great Recommendation Letter


Many high school graduates want to know how to ask for a letter of recommendation for college. It is required to make sure that you are going to enter the college you like. Since it is an important and difficult task, many students experience trouble getting letters of recommendation. They do not know whom to ask about writing it and what it sho...

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How to Survive Post-Graduate Studying


As a graduated student, you may wonder if PhD degree is obtained at the cost of your mental health. Actually, it really takes much effort as any other type of studying, but before you make your final decision whether it’s worth applying for a PhD program, we would like to highlight the question ‘how much do PhD students make?’...

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Cheap Entertaining Activities for Students


In times of the constantly increasing sums of money we have to pay for education, every spent dollar is on count. However, living a frugal student’s life and controlling your budget doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of entertainment in your life. On the contrary, it’s obligatory to relax for better performance in your studie...

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