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Portfolio Program Format and Standarts

Portfolio Program What should be there in a portfolio? Information about your course – These are the learning outcomes you must achieve. Summary – Each course and learning outcome is aligned with the specific achievements made during the course. Autobiography and resume &n...

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Understanding Different Proposal Types

Understanding Different Types of Proposals Proposals of a General Nature A general-style proposal is mostly used for research programs that are general in nature. Many institutions call for proposals twice a year with corresponding review or evaluation sessions. Once a general proposa...

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Continuation and Renewal Proposals

Continuation and Renewal Proposals Guidelines Non-competitive Renewals, Continuation, or Progress Reports (RPPR) As a rule, sponsors fund multiple-year projects. Usually, when available, funds are awarded once a year with the prospect that the entire project will receive suppor...

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Ten Great Tips on How to Proofread Your Own Written Work

10 Tips on How to Proofread and Edit Your Own Written Work It is said (by the president of Gramlee, Rushang Shah), that writing is an art, that editing is an art, and that proofreading is a science. While Gramlee offers an editing service whereby editors work continuously on all types of copyediting and proofre...

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Check Out 4 Options for a Fiction Manuscript Evaluation

Check Out Our Advices for a Fiction Manuscript Evaluation Editorial Letter with Full Evaluation In such type of evaluation, the editor will have to read your manuscript to the very end and provide comments regarding plot, point of view, voice, character, pacing, structure, imag...

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Read our 7 Tips for Developmental Editing

7 Tips for Developmental Editing Most people believe that editing is correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes. Professionals in publishing industry call it copyediting. However, there is also content or developmental editing, which is used to correct weak points in the text. According to highly exper...

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