Privacy policy

Your time and your interest in our writing services are greatly valued and appreciated.’s number one priority is ensuring your personal data is kept secure and confidential. Because of this, our agents work hard to make sure the data customers provide is never lost, misused or stolen. Please read the following article to better understand what information we gather and what it is used for,                

For the purpose of providing you with high quality services we need certain information about visitors to our site and users of our services such as a) site access time, b) what operating system you use, and c) what web browser you use. Information of such kind does not allow us to disclose one’s identity. It is used by our writing company to:

  • Revise, customize and adjust the content/information on our site
  • Enhance the way information is presented.   

All information collected by our company’s web server is kept strictly confidential. We do not share, disclose, or sell any kind of information.

Cookie Use

The use of cookies enables us to collect useful statistics about customer traffic, website usage, and similar. This method also enables us to make site navigation easier and more user-friendly.     

Collection of Personal Contact Data

To use the services we offer, customers are required to register on our company’s website. During this process, they are invited to provide us with their names as well as an email address and a telephone number we can use to contact them.     

Our company uses this data purely for the purpose of completing and delivering orders. For instance, we may require clarification, approval, or additional files/materials from different customers. For this reason, it is crucial the contact details you provide are accurate. Only our own staff has access to your data, which will never be sold, shared, disclosed, published, or sent to the third parties.

Processing of Online Payments

The payment processing systems used at are reliable, secure and trustworthy with no likelihood of data being revealed. Furthermore, our finance department may ask for confirmation of your identity as an additional means of preventing Internet-type fraud.            

Your Rights as a Customer

You reserve the right to add to, alter, or delete profile data at any stage. Just let our customer support team know of any changes.