Converting Thesis into Article

Creating an Article out of Dissertation or Thesis

A thesis or a dissertation is a final project student complete during the last year of their studies at the university. And if you want to continue your scientific career, you will submit your completed thesis as a manuscript for publication in scholarly journals. That is why created a department, which will help you to convert your final paper into an article. Our writers know all the requirements of such work. We will adopt your final paper for journal publication.

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The number of publications is important, and since a dissertation is a unique original research, you can use it for publication. However, one should understand that a dissertation and an article published in a journal are different pieces. Thus, it is important to adopt a written dissertation and make it acceptable for publication.

Converting Thesis to Journal Article

Even though a dissertation contains original research, it does not mean that they may publish each thesis. Before deciding whether to publish your dissertation, you need to ensure that your research brings novelty and contributes to existing knowledge. In writing a dissertation, you may have answers to the questions that already exist in the literature, and you should omit this information in a manuscript for publication. Thus, a decision to publish a dissertation in a scientific journal should base on the idea and knowledge you have in your thesis that contributes to the literature and practice.

Publishing Thesis or Dissertation in Journal

Publishing your thesis as an article is the easiest way to have the first publication. You already have much work, and you may transfer this work to your first publication. Moreover, there are other reasons to make the first publication out of your thesis:

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  1. Career enhancement. Depending on the field of your interest, you may quickly enhance your career using publishing an article. A journal publication may be a considerable addition to your CV. A thesis already contains original research, valid discussion, and conclusions. Your task is to arrange the information in an article; no new research or additional work is required. Moreover, if you properly arrange the information from your thesis, you may have 2-3 articles for publication. Everything depends on the initial objectives and research questions from your thesis.
  2. Wider audience. A thesis is usually presented in front of several colleagues. Moreover, a published version remains in the university library, and students interested in a theme may check it. As a result, the number of people who may read your research findings is limited. Publishing the results of your research in a journal may significantly increase the audience.
  3. Personal satisfaction. thesis writing is a large job, and you are sure to feel satisfaction from writing it. However, when the paper is published in a journal, it significantly raises your self-esteem and pleasure from the work done. Your work requires recognition as you deserve it.

Convert My Thesis into Journal Article

After completing a dissertation and presenting it to the commission, you may want to adapt it for publication. However, you may be exhausted and not have the inner power to complete this process at this stage. We are ready to help you complete this adaptation and ensure that your dissertation is ready for publication in a journal article. In the process of dissertation adaptation to a journal publication, our specialists will amend the writing style, check the relevant literature, and ensure that the data analysis fits the journal's requirements, the results are properly interpreted. The overall format of the publication that fits the journal's standards will be kept too. Even though the content of a dissertation and an article for a publication are similar, the formats of these two projects are different. Our job is to guarantee that journal editors and reviewers will readily accept your article for publication.

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Adapting your thesis for publication, our writers will take the following steps. First, they will check the articles published in the selected journal to understand their appearance and the expected final results. Next, they will study the rules and standards for article publications. Since our writers have experience working on such tasks, they already have a developed algorithm of steps. Each journal has specific requirements; however, the process of thesis adaptation is relevantly the same. Our writers will ensure that your article will be accepted for publication. Sometimes, students ask for a peer review of their article to see whether the adapted version fits the journal requirements. Working on your adaptation, we seek such reviews, and you do not have to do anything in this respect.

Thesis reformatting is usually completed within two major strategies, the multiple-paper strategy or the conversion strategy.

Strategies We Keep While Converting

The choice of the strategy for article adaptation depends on your wish and the time you have.

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Multiple-paper strategy

The multiple-paper strategy is a quick converting strategy that helps develop several articles for publication out of your thesis. Using this strategy, our writers will indicate the smaller themes from your research and focus each article on the selected topic. This strategy best works when a writer thinks about a publication ahead and starts writing a dissertation following this strategy. In this case, a dissertation is divided into subthemes (research questions or smaller objectives) and is initially written to be further published. Suppose you did not write a dissertation from this perspective, and you want it to be converted into several articles. In that case, our writers are ready to read your dissertation and extract the parts related to the same themes. Moreover, if you only start your dissertation writing and have not completed the project, you may ask our writers to write a dissertation for you following the multiple-paper strategy. In this case, our experts will write your dissertation with the division of the major themes.

Conversion strategy

Using the conversion strategy, our writers will amend your whole dissertation by paying attention to the following elements.

  • Length. Dissertations usually have about 100 pages, while the journal article usually comprises 1/3 of this length. However, it is important to reduce the length of the dissertation properly to keep the logical flow of the information and the research idea. Our writers will check your whole dissertation and decide which sections require reduction and which ones may be fully removed as the goals of a dissertation and a journal article are different. If your dissertation focuses on several research questions, our writers may choose the essential aspect and focus on it.

  • Abstract. Our writers will check the requirements of a journal to an abstract and reduce it without losing the paper's main idea.

  • Introduction and Literature Review. A literature review is usually not required as a separate section in a journal article. Therefore, many authors usually combine the introduction and the literature review into one background section. However, our writers may leave these two sections if the journal article requires reducing them to meet the set word count.

  • Methodology. Dissertations may contain too many details, which may be unnecessary for the journal publication. Therefore, our writers will check the journal requirements and ensure that the methodology section corresponds fully. This section should provide a detailed explanation of the research methods used for the study instead of discussing each student’s steps.

  • Results. Our writers will choose only the most relevant results to ensure that the section is concise, specific, and to the point. We will include no extra data in this section.

  • Discussion. Our experts will amend the discussion section to ensure that it reflects the initial research questions and goals. They will ensure that the information is consistent and logically reflects what has been stated in the previous sections.

  • References. Working on adjusting your dissertation to the journal article, our writers may check your sources and substitute the most outdated ones if you used such to cover only the most recent data. We will also amend the reference style to fit the journal's requirements.

  • Tables and figures. Our writers will leave only the essential figures and tables that do not replicate the information from the text and carry some important meaning.

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Converting Thesis into Article Help

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