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Good WWII Essay Topics: 2021 Update

Good WW2 Essay Topics They say that it is wise to learn from one’s own mistakes. Indeed, analyzing one’s past and realizing what went wrong helps to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. For this reason, good WW2 essays topics are extremely important, as they deal with a disastrous event in the history of the whole ...

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Vital Elements of Internal Proposal Writing

The Most Important Elements of Internal Proposal Writing Academic writing has multiple forms and types that are constantly changing, evolving and transforming. Recently, we at Topthesis.c...

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Difference Between Solicited and Unsolicited Business Proposals

How Solicited Business Proposals Differ from Unsolicited ones The purpose of any business proposal is to propose an idea for a product or service and spread it effectively among potential customers. In all situations, business proposals are written as a response or a solution to a particular problem. In most organizations, they represe...

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Guidelines for Preparing a Pre-Proposal

Guidelines for Preparing a Pre-Proposal Paper The steps required for submitting a pre-proposal are as follows: The pre-proposal will need to be developed. Prepare a budget for your project, for which you can use the Excel spreadsheet provided here although this is not needed in t...

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Guide to Writing Research Proposals

Great Guide to Writing Research Proposals First, we cannot guarantee that the recommendations provided here will ensure your research application is successful! Rather, the aim is to help you to conceptualize your proposal and prepare it. Our advice is designed to give structure to the process an...

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What Does Copy Editing Entail?

What Does Copy Editing Entail – What is It? In the world of editing, the term “copy editing” is a reference to an area of editing that is often somewhat grey in its meaning. Few people can seem to fully agree what it is that makes copy editing fit into the stage or level between develop...

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