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  • Service was great and so was the writing!!!! My instructions were followed to perfection and I got just what I asked for. All the sections of the ...
  • Abbie B., UK
  • Fantastic. Highly appreciable and useful service. Very grateful for your help.
  • John T., UK


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Fantastic. Highly appreciable and useful service. Very grateful for your help.

John T., UK

You certainly have won a regular client. Highly admire your excellent work.

David A., US

I found your work highly beneficial. Thank you. I may need the same writer for my future work.

Barbara S., Canada

Frankly speaking, when I took your services I hadn’t expected such a nice result. I am really thankful. It helped me a lot.

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I have tried other online services but never was as satisfied as I am now. It strengthened my belief that we can definitely get high quality services online too.

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Apart from few minor  changes, the essay is perfect. I wish to recommend your services to my friends. Thanks.

Elizabeth O., US

I wonder how you guys put life and energy in words. ‘Muchas Gracias’, as we say in Spanish, for the excellent work.

Maria C., Brazil

Very much satisfied. Thanks for the superb work.

Thomas E., UK

I don’t know how to express my sincere gratitude. You did a wonderful job. I was very much worried as how I’d be able to complete the impending task. Thank you very much.

Manuel H., US

Great work, guys! Much appreciate the way it was written. Grateful indeed.

Bret J. Lee, US

“Great paper. You can now send me the Microsoft Word version. Thanks!”

Andy E., Canada

“Great. Thanks again will continue using you in the future.”

Rosie O., Canada

“Absolutely perfect. Thank you so much!”

Emma A., UK

“So quick and totally in time for my deadline. So pleased, thanks!”

Olivia N., US

Cannot thank you enough for this brilliant essay!

Quentin A., UK

My custom essay arrived on time and I handed it in without any stress. It was just what I had asked for and my instructions were followed to the tee. The essay described the characters just as I would have done myself! I am SOOO happy with it.

Dave O., US

I requested that my essay was 5 pages long however I received 6 which was even more than I had hoped for! There was so much care taken in writing my essay that the extra page was really needed. I am thrilled with the results and I will be sure to return to use your writing services again. The professionals obviously do it best!

Roxanne D., US

Could not thank you enough. My writer did such a good job on my term paper. The writer listened and took on board all of my requests. This is definitely not the last time that I will be using your custom writing services. I am more than satisfied. Thank you.

Will D., UK

Really affordable price for a top quality writing service.

Karen A., US

After ordering my custom essay for college I was extremely apprehensive, however it was surprisingly smooth and easy with Topthesis.com The customer service answered all of my questions quickly and the essay was written to a high standard. I will use your services again for sure! Thanks.

Adam W., Canada

More than satisfied. Thanks.

Fred E., US

My paper was a lot better than I expected. Completely satisfied. The writer certainly did a lot of research because there was a lot of detailed information in the paper. When I did my rewrite I cleaned it up. The only thing that I could say is that my corrected copy took a little long however I would definitely recommend this custom writing service to anyone looking for help from the professionals. Thanks.

Gordon J., UK

Better than I hoped for! By getting help for this paper I was able to go on vacation. Thanks so much.

Jaren O., Canada

The writer edited and improved my paper exactly how I asked.

Leona K., US

The writer did just what I asked for. After ordering custom essays from 4 other companies this is by far the best. It arrived on time and I saw that it had been changed since the first draft which proved that it is completely original. So happy with the research paper. Thanks.

Bobby C., US

Excellent service from the writers and customer support, Thanks!!!!!

Koby N., US

Service was great and so was the writing!!!! My instructions were followed to perfection and I got just what I asked for. All the sections of the paper were covered just like I asked. I will buy papers from you again I am so impressed. Thanks.

Abbie B., UK

Really happy with my essay. Thank you so much!

Paul I., US

This custom written paper was fantastic. I have looked for a good writing service for so long! Finally I have come across your writers who can write real academic papers to a high level! I will be sure to tell everyone about you. Can't thank you enough!

Neil C., US

Awesome paper, thanks!

Will P., UK

Great paper. There are no complaints that I can make. I have been using the same writer for my Geography class and all of the papers that I have received have been top quality. I have just looked over it and everything that I asked for was done. In fact there was even more sources than I needed! You helped me out so much in a time of real stress. By far he best custom writing company. Thank you!

Edward W., Canada

Thank you for writing my Biology paper! The quality of writing was so much better than other services that I have used in the past. I didn't even need a second draft. LIFESAVERS!

Ricky N., US

Brilliant paper received on time! Thanks.

Tom T., US

Obviously a lot fo time and effort went into my paper. There was god competitive advantages and critical analysis as well as including PESTL, GAP analysis and lots of other tools. Thanks ever so much!

Harry U., UK

Good job!

Ollie V., US

So happy that I ordered a custom essay from Topthesis.com. Great analysis and research. The writer seemed to really understand the topic fully. So relieved thank you!

Chris R., Canada

The link to my essay worked without any problems and I had my essay downloaded in no time. I am looking through it and it looks great.I will be in touch if there are any amendments to be made. The customer support was great and there was someone available through the day and night. They know exactly what they are talking about. Really good, reliable service. Thank you!

Tina K., US

Thank you! I learnt a lot from the information that you gave me and the service was completely professional in every way. It is more than worth the money that I paid as the essay is great. Top quality paper and excellent use of references too! Shame I found your service so late because I am nearly graduating!

Daniel A., US

Not one problem. The whole paper is excellent! The grammar and spelling are perfect and the research was thorough and complete. The writer took note of whee I went to school and really wrote in the sutiable style...even putting endnotes! I only made a few changes before giving it in. If I need help again I will be sure to come to you guys! Thanks.

Eleanor P., UK

So quick! Can't believe that the writer wrote such a good essay in such a short space of time!

Helen P., UK

So impressed!! The essay was done in no time and amazingly with no errors! I ordered my paper on 20th January and my deadline was on January 22nd . My paper arrived before my deadline! How did they do it so fast? The professionals at Topthesis.com certainly know what they are doing! I even had time to edit a few bits myself to add my own style. Thanks!!

Janet W., US

Everything I could have wished for in a custom written paper is now right in front of me from my talented writer at Topthesis.com. The hassles and stresses of the end of my degree were made so much easier. If I had not found your service online I would have failed for sure! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Erin O., US

Excellent custom written essay. Better than I could have done myself that is for sure! Thanks.

Donna S., UK

I have tried many custom writing services and they were all hopeless! I was about to give up when I finally came across Topthesis.com. They did everything that I needed them to do and they answered in detail all of the questions that were required. There were representatives there 24/7 to help. Thank you!

Neena A., UK

The essay came just in time for my deadline! English is not my first language so I really find essay writing very difficult. Sometimes buying papers really relieves so much stress. In fact the paper was so good that I had to make edits to make it look slightly LESS professional! The customer service were also great :)

Mario T., US

I am writing to say a big thank you to the team. I could not be more pleased that I used your service to write my term paper. I really needed the help and the price was fine!

Helen G., US

I can't believe that a custom writing service could write something so accurate to my specifications. I sent the writer an example and he did it in the exact style that I wanted. I am so pleased. If I decide to use Topthesis.com again then I really would like the same writer as he was great. Look forward to using you again in the future. Thanks.

Katie I., Canada

The zoology paper that I gave in to my professor was of a really high standard and I got a really high grade. I needed to do well in this essay really badly to be able to pass my degree! All of my instructions were followed and it was all in the correct format for my school. All the references that I needed were also included. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am! Thanks.

Miriam S., US

I got the paper back and it was great. It included all of the theories and excellent, accurate references. I didn't need to make any changes after the first draft! The paper was done within a  really tight deadline which I didn't think could be done. Amazing service...I will definitely be back.

Tina O., US

“I really enjoyed reading through the paper that I received and I learnt more than I think I have learnt all year in class! You are definitely my custom writing service from now on!”

Ben T., UK

I have ordered a few custom writing papers from you and they have all been top quality and have arrived bang on time. Thanks so much. The latest paper that I received was particularly good. I am so pleased that I found you guys to help me with my papers. Sincerely.

James M., UK
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