Terms and Conditions of using TopThesis.com

Terms and Conditions of using TopThesis.com 

General Terms of Providing Custom Writing Services 

These terms & conditions (the “T&C” or “Terms”) govern your access and use of our Website and services at Topthesis.com (the “Website”). Please read them carefully.

The Website is owned and operated by Online Writing and Services sp. z.o.o. 37 Domaniewska str., lok. 2.43, Warsaw, Poland, 02-672.

Topthesis.com provides custom writing services to clients worldwide, irrespective of order instructions and deadlines. Every customer may choose a specific type of product in the “Order Now” form: 

Custom Writing 

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Research proposals
  • Coursework
  • Dissertations
  • Etc. 


  • Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Revision
  • Formatting 

Level of Writing 

Every client decides on the level of writing, depending on the institutional affiliation: 

  • High school
  • College
  • University
  • Master’s
  • Ph.D. 

A client may ask to replace the order type on his/her request and our Financial Department will recalculate an order price. 

Price Quote 

Before placing an order, every client may request a price quote from our Customer Support Team. Depending on the customer’s specifications, our agents will identify an order price and will assist in placing an order (if requested). 

Importance of Communication 

A client is suggested to communicate with members of our team through the following means of communication: 

  1. Live chat option.
  2. Email.
  3. Phone calls.
  4. Messaging system.  

It is highly important to provide all clarifications on time, reply to the Writer’s messages/emails from the Support Team to make sure that the final product is up to the required standards and expectations. A client should provide all order materials while placing the order (no later than 10-15% of the deadline passed). 

We care for your privacy and never share your personal information with the writers or any third party. All data is kept strictly confidential. Please do not disclose your details to the writers directly. All sensitive information is to be provided via Support. You bear full responsibility for the consequences of breaking the Terms of our services.

Work Process Overview  

By purchasing orders on our website, a client agrees to receive the order within such work process: 

  1. The customer places the order, indicates all instructions and specifications, and pays for it. A client may request a “preferred writer” to complete his/her order.
  2. The writer starts working on the order.
  3. Customers may request process updates and communicate with the writer regarding order instructions and possible adjustments. A client may be asked to place an additional order if our Writing Department identifies a mismatch in the order price (wrong level of order, number of pages, etc.).
  4. The order is checked for plagiarism and sent to the customer.
  5. Customers can buy a plagiarism report from our Customer Support Team. We guarantee plagiarism-free papers on any topic. 

Order Urgency

A client may choose the most appropriate order urgency, starting from 3 hours up to 2 months. For more details, please refer to the “Order now” page. If the client expects early delivery (decides to change order urgency), an order price will be recalculated and compensation order should be placed. Topthesis.com delivers all papers on time and within the indicated time frame.

A free draft option in a “VIP Account” does not apply to the following order types: formatting, proofreading, editing, revision, rewriting, online test, multiple-choice questions, PDF/PPT poster, PowerPoint Presentation, and excel exercises. Also, the free draft cannot be provided in orders with 3-8 hours urgency due to a limited time frame provided to complete the assignment.

Submitting a Refund Application 

  1. TopThesis.com is always delighted to assist and we are always willing to consider refund requests. There is one important condition to remember when applying for refunds i.e. you must do so within 14 days of the deadline passing. Plagiarism is excluded from this rule since time limits are not applicable in these cases. We do, however, require a valid plagiarism report to prove TopThesis.com’s liability. 

*** TopThesis.com is happy to accept reports from the Turnit.com anti-plagiarism program and partner programs, e.g., the iThenticate system and WriteCheck. However, we cannot accept the reports generated by SafeAssign.com since these list erroneous cases of plagiarism (quotations, tables of contents, references, and so on). Besides, customers occasionally send us notes they write themselves. Neither do these constitute solid proof?     

  1. Occasionally, customers attempt to complete their assignments but later pass the task to TopThesis.com. In such cases, we are not accountable for instances of plagiarism in the parts of the assignment created by the customer. We only scan our written work for originality.     
  2. If you find any of our work unsatisfactory, we will fully investigate your concerns. We will get back to you in around 3-4 business days. If your dissatisfaction is valid, we will provide a suitable amount of refund.


  1. Under the terms of our revisions policy, you are entitled to have your paper amended for free provided you notify us within 2 days (48 hours) of the initial deadline expiring. Once this period passes, a new writer compensation order will be necessary. However, if your writer does the work without further payment, you waive your right to a future refund.     
  2. For assignments of 20+ pages, free revisions are offered for 30 days after the deadline passes.
  3. If you decide to alter the instructions on the original order, you cannot avail of a no-cost revision. You will also need to submit a further writer compensation order if you do not provide full details about your assignment and any necessary materials before writing gets underway or is at an end.        
  4. A revised completion date will be needed when you are informing us about your revision requirements. While we continually strive to meet agreed-on deadlines, it can be 24 hours before we return some revision work, much dependent on the complexity of the instructions and how problematic it is to reassign the work.   
  5. It is hugely important for customers to constantly monitor their messaging channels, i.e. the email address you provide and your account profile, since our employees may want to correspond with you. Even though it is unfortunate, people sometimes neglect or forget to attach essential information, materials, and/or files at the outset. However, these elements are crucial to achieving the right outcome and sole responsibility remains with you to provide any materials your writer requests, preferably at the time of order placement.    
  6. If you would like more time than the standard 2-day revision period, we can extend this window to 14 days. However, revision requirements should match the instructions in the original order. This option costs thirty percent of the order price and is not refundable if it is not used/required.  

A Full Refund

Customers may qualify for a full (100 percent) refund when:

  1. TopThesis.com is not successful at allocating a writer to order.
  2. We mistakenly charge the wrong order amount or the customer accidentally submits one order twice.
  3. Any content and/or materials provided by Topthesis.com towards an order should no longer be used once the cost of that order has been fully refunded.
  4. The company does not grant any grades since professors judge the content of papers differently. However, a customer can send a professor’s feedback to the Refund Department. If the writer overlooked some customers’ instructions, a partial/full refund will be provided.
  5. While applying for a refund, the whole order will be analyzed for compliance with the provided instructions. E.g. A customer cannot ask to refund half of the order and make a revision request to correct the second part.

*** In the above situations, our representatives will calculate a fair refund percentage in respect of your order.  

A Partial Refund

Customers may qualify for some percentage refund (amount to be calculated on a per-order basis) when:

  1. An inappropriate level is shown in the order, e.g., a college paper rather than an assignment for a high school student.  
  2. The wrong assignment size is shown on the order, e.g., six pages rather than three.   
  3. The order displays contradicting instructions/comments, e.g., there is a discrepancy between the attached materials and the order’s instructions. 

*** In the above situations, our representatives will calculate a fair refund percentage in respect of your order. 

  1. Criteria for canceling an already-assigned order: 


Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10 - 19% of agreed deadline elapsed


20 – 29% of agreed deadline elapsed


30 – 39% of agreed deadline elapsed


40 – 49% of agreed deadline elapsed


50 – 59% of agreed deadline elapsed


60% (or over) of the agreed deadline elapsed


*** An order may not be canceled if:

  • 30% of the originally agreed deadline is remaining.
  • Topthesis.com has passed the order to one of our writers.

Also, if a writer has already uploaded a complete paper, the order cannot be canceled.

All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.


Late Verification

  1. To safeguard you from fraudulent Internet activities, our agents regularly ask to see proof of identification. Please note that the deadline for order completion begins from the moment we get respective clarifications. If you have been unable to provide the necessary verification on time, you can discuss a deadline extension with us or send us a new writer compensation order.  

Word Count Issues 

  1. The number of words on a page (300 words per page) is the measurement we use for deciding page length/size. We do not rely on the visual aspects. We exclude technical papers from this method of calculation since these are often very numerical. Rather, we use difficulty level to decide the price.
  2. Orders for Speakers’ Notes and PowerPoint Presentations. When indicated on the order form, our writers can provide Speaker notes i.e. 100-150 words of speech notes with each presentation slide.
  3. 20.  The writers at TopThesis.com can create online tests if requested to do so. Using the premise that there will be five questions on each page, the price depends on the number of test questions indicated on the order. For instance, a fifty-question test, which can include multi-choice questions, means placing a ten-page order.  


  1. The early delivery service offered by TopThesis.com requires the customer to place another order to compensate our writer(s). Do remember though, that if your writer completes your order early without requesting extra payment, you waive your right to a future refund.
  2. If we deliver your paper(s) after the agreed time without obtaining your prior approval or without asking you to extend your original deadline, you will be eligible for at least some of your money back.

Order Type

  1. We remind you to be as precise as possible when selecting order types, for example, “report” or “research paper.” TopThesis.com cannot contemplate refund applications on unpaid orders.
  2. Our writers can assist with “rewriting” assignments. In essence, this means they will reword, paraphrase or rephrase the texts you submit. Additional compensation will only apply when some additional or new work is necessary.
  3. We may occasionally have questions or updates for you. Therefore, you should check all channels of communication regularly and, remember, we value your prompt attention!