How to Write Dissertations on Tourism-Related Topics 

Have you been looking online for topics for a dissertation on tourism or on some aspect of the tourist industry? If so, you have found the best place to get help with any type of writing project, including dissertations. That is because has vast expertise when it comes to helping students come up with topic ideas on travel, tourism, hospitality, and more. Therefore, we can help you with the various chapters of an academic project like a dissertation by providing tips, ideas, samples, examples, and a variety of other support materials.

The subject of tourism is quite vast in terms of topics and most of the titles related to this field involve travel, accommodation, hospitality, managing the show, and so on. Essentially, this industry is about making travel and everything that goes with that as comfortable as possible for travelers who go to different countries for a various reasons. Some people travel for business purposes or for education; others travel for research purposes, and some travel purely for the purpose of recreation. Writing a dissertation on tourism is one of the best ways of acquiring knowledge in this field and for learning how to handle any unexpected challenges that practitioners might encounter over the course of their careers. Therefore, failing to come up with good ideas or to choose the right topic can cost you dearly in the long term. offers the best selection of topics for a dissertation on tourism and we have gained a good reputation with students in the UK hoping to pursue careers in this industry. Our expert writers have broken the field of tourism down into a number of sub-headings for which they have provided a number of interesting topic ideas. Roughly, these sub-headings include managing tourism, dark tourism, ecotourism, educational tourism, medical tourism, and wellness (or health) tourism.

Topics for a Dissertation on Managing Tourism

Understanding how the tourist industry in any country is managed can provide a valuable insight into several aspects of this industry e.g. travel, hospitality, accommodation, and so on. If you are studying tourism management, writing a dissertation is a great way of learning how the show is managed. Our expert writers have provided the following topic ideas for a dissertation on this area of tourism:

  • To what extent do travelers worry about cost – how does price compare to convenience?
  • What factors have an impact on the way hospitality is provided at various UK tourist attractions?
  • How integrated marketing methods are used to promote a travel or tourist site.
  • What do luxury hotels in remote UK cities require in the way of marketing?
  • What is the best way to incentivize employees in luxury hotels to ensure guests enjoy a great experience?

Topics for a Dissertation on Dark Tourism

The area of tourism referred to as “dark” is focused on travel to places that that a have a negative or dark history. For example, these places can be war zones, places with mass graves, places that are haunted, and so on, and they tend to attract travelers looking for adventure. Some topics on this aspect of tourism include:

  • Which are more interesting – sites that have been struck by natural catastrophe or have been purpose-built?
  • Does a local community that has a history of death and/or suffering benefit in any commercial or social way from visits by tourists?
  • What factors influence the British tourist’s choice to visit dark tourist sites in other countries?
  • What factors influence the decision of UK tourism providers to promote dark tourism at home?
  • What are the perceptions and attitudes of British tourists towards those dark sites that have been man-made e.g. Ground Zero in New York?
  • How communication methods are used in the United Kingdom to market and promote dark tourist sites.

Topics for a Dissertation on Ecotourism

Ecotourism is an aspect of tourism that is focused on maintaining environmental health and promoting the environmental well-being of our planet. A tourist is a guest of any country he or she visits. However, bad behavior on their part can give rise to concern. When it comes to writing a dissertation on ecotourism, our writers recommend these topics:

  • Does an excess of solidarity threaten the environmental well-being of a tourist site?
  • How or why ecotourism helps improve economies in still-developing nations. 
  • How American tourists perceive, and what their attitudes are – with regards to ecotourism.
  • Has the Thai tourist industry been influenced or affected by Tsunami conditions?
  • Critically evaluate those foreign tourist practices that threaten the environment in the UK.
  • How the buying habits of UK tourists is affected by ecotourism.

Topics for a Dissertation on Educational Tourism

Tourism for educational purposes is drawing considerable attention owing to the worldwide debate about brain drain. The eagerness to obtain a good-quality education encourages students to travel to different places around the world. They travel to foreign countries, live there for a while, and take courses with a view to getting the best possible education. Choosing topics for a dissertation on educational tourism is something that perplexes a lot of students. However, it is no mystery to the writers at and here are some of topic they recommend for this area of tourism:

  • Why cultural exchange programs to the USA are popular with UK students.
  • How would you measure satisfaction rates among UK students after a one-year AFS exchange program?
  • What are the attitudes and perceptions of higher education students towards volunteering in South African summer camps?
  • What are the attitudes and perceptions of UK students towards visiting Chinese-speaking countries for educational purposes?
  • What are the attitudes and perceptions of overseas students towards travelling to the UK for the purpose of studying?
  • Why undergraduate-level students from the UK decide to join US placement programs.
  • How would you measure satisfaction levels among foreign students after they have joined a UK study program? 

Topics for a Dissertation on Medical Tourism

The concept of the medical tourist is founded on the belief that not every country in the world is able to cure every conceivable disease. Hence, those willing to travel go to other countries – mostly the USA and UK - to seek the best available treatments with the hope they will permanently rid themselves of whatever disease is afflicting them. Our writers suggest the following topics for a dissertation on medical tourism:

  • Using a country-by-country assessment, describe what beauty and health treatment clinics (facilities) are available throughout the world.
  • Gender reassignment facilities/clinics in Thailand.
  • What does the UK need to do to make one of its cities an attractive choice for Asian women seeking cosmetic surgery and other makeover treatments?
  • Design a number of weight loss tourist packages with a special focus on attracting UK women.
  • What are the factors that UK women look for when choosing weight loss packages when they want to travel to India?

Topics for a Dissertation on Wellness (Health) Tourism

The dissertation writers at define a wellness tourist as someone who travels to another place with the aim of rejuvenating their bodies and minds. Often, those who travel to reinvigorate their mental and physical strength leave their places of work for a while to do so. The following are some possible topics on wellness tourism:

  • The history of health tourism and its future prospects.
  • How effective are Zumba classes and aerobics when it comes to attracting foreigners to UK health resorts?
  • Judging by recent trends, would you say wellness is one of the new reasons for visiting various UK-governed countries? 
  • The role of natural spas in luxury resorts and hotels – How do foreign tourists perceive UK wellness or health spas?
  • What are the essential ingredients of a wellness retreat? What planning is needed to make individual resorts the best promoters of health and wellness?
  • Is the offer of meditation an effective way to attract wellness tourists?