Social Work Dissertation Topics - What to Research?

There is no doubt that social workers belong to a noble and worthwhile profession. It is a field that requires those involved in it to carry out tasks that uplift societies suffering from a variety of social problems. It is also a discipline that constantly promotes the development and growth of various societies and community groups. So, it would seem you have decided on social work as your field of study and, in doing so, your efforts should be appreciated. Later in your career, it is most likely you will be involved in providing assistance to people who are deprived. However, before you achieve your dreams of helping to advance society, there is a tough task ahead of you, which is writing a dissertation on social work.

A lot of students deem the prospect of writing a dissertation to be very complex for a number of reasons such as:

  • Insufficient subject knowledge
  • A poor understanding of grammar and/or inadequate writing skills
  • Inability to find/choose a really interesting topic for a dissertation
  • Lack of time

Are these problems that you are facing? If so, you can now leave your worries behind because here we provide you with a host of great topic ideas for a dissertation on social work.

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Looking for Social Work Dissertation Ideas: Where to Begin?

Postgraduate papers, especially a dissertation, can put students through hell if they choose the topic they are not interested in. However, have you ever thought that there is a set of methods that can help you come up with a good topic that will make the research process interesting?

While in many cases the topic of your research will be defined by either your professor or will be a logical continuation of your previous research, sometimes you can get lucky enough to choose the topic yourself.

  • Choose modern and relevant literature for any ideas or questions.

Often, academic articles include references and questions that need further research. Browse through book reviews to eliminate important aspects and unresolved matters and compare them against other books to identify knowledge gaps.

  • Visit subject related forums and discussion boards.

In many cases, scholar discussions online are rather successful in identifying questions for research and debate.

  • Search for websites that offer scholarships.

Different NGOs and companies can invest in your research if you pick the topic they are interested in. Generally, such announcements are accompanied by a list of topics.

However, the question is: how to find a dissertation topic you will love? An under- or postgraduate paper is a long-term commitment, so in order to maintain health interest in the subject and ability to do the proper research, you should:

  1. Be open to change and embrace the unknown. Some professors recommend having a list of three to five topics to choose from in order to have a backup plan.
  2. Prepare for a test drive. If you can decide between the topics, pretend you have to research each of them and spend a day or two doing so. You will inevitably grow on a topic that you believe to be the right one. Instead of ‘Chances of winning in a casino’ fo for ‘Mathematical and statistical probability of winning in gambling are not well-researched’.
  3. Work with what you have. Sometimes, in our desire to do the best, we dream of unrealistic things. In the academic world, you have to be reasonable and settle down with what you have.

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The Best Topic Ideas and Examples for a Social Work Dissertation

It is likely you fully understand how important a thesis or dissertation is in your final year as a social work student. The overall grades you obtain for your dissertation will enable you to realize your dreams of a successful career. It is, for this reason, we suggest you do not treat the step of choosing a topic lightly. In the event you feel that writing a thesis or dissertation is not for you, then you can quickly get exceptional assistance from our company. It is not unusual for social work students to become confused at the prospect of selecting a topic that is both suitable and rewarding. So, if you find yourself struggling with this particular area, we offer you a number of examples, topic suggestions, and ideas for your paper. Here are some of them:

Social Work Dissertation Topics

We hope the above list will not just provide you with some great ideas but show you that our writing experts are extremely knowledgeable in the field of social work. As well as topics, they can even provide examples, which we are sure will help you decide to accept our assistance. Our company would be delighted to be your helper on your way to obtaining the highest grades for your dissertation and becoming a first-class social worker.

Unexpected Social Work Dissertation Examples of Topics 

Who said that postgraduate research should be boring and meaningless? Have you ever thought about studying something interesting, unanticipated or even fun? Here is the list of real dissertation topics (the final wording of the topic might be changed):

  1. Life-long education and challenges of modern technologies
  2. Edublogging for college and university personnel: promoting higher education via social media.
  3. Gamification of the learning process for museums, archives, and libraries.
  4. Between Baby Boomers and Millennials, the psychological challenge of a Human Resources Management
  5. Classifying drinking styles: reasons for college and university drinking problems.

As you can see, choosing a dissertation topic for both undergraduate and postgraduate student is a challenging task. You may feel lost, but always remember why you have started.



How Can You Narrow down Social Work Dissertation Topics?

Virtually any student struggles with selecting a specific topic, be it an essay, research project or dissertation. However, it is important to choose a narrow and distinct topic to be able to research, write and argue properly. There are three steps to take while narrowing down your dissertation topic.

  1. Make some words and collocations clear-cut. For example, try switching generic ‘people’ with ‘college students’.
  2. Strive for a complete and complex sentence. This will help you narrow down the subject.
  3. Be precise, yet leave the chance for debate. Do not use indisputable truth as your dissertation topic.

We understand that these tips might seem boring, but a well-designed topic can turn into exiting research. First of all, understand what you are interested in and how it correlates with your field of study. Next, do some research and understand what has been studied and published before you. And last, make your topic precise and unambiguous. If nothing helps and you cannot find a topic you are interested in, try searching the Internet for some ideas and inspiration.

How the Writing Service Provided by Can Help You

At, we have a superb team of writers, many of whom are qualified in the field of social work. These experts work night and day to help you get the results you aspire to and achieve your dreams. As a professional provider of expert writing services, we understand how important it is to write a dissertation according to the guidelines and standards provided by a professor. In addition, it is for this reason that every order we receive undergoes the process described below:

  • First, our writers choose a good topic for your dissertation;
  • They then carry out thorough research of that topic to collect a sufficient amount of suitable information;
  • The next step is creating a rough or initial draft as well as preparing an outline based on the specification you provide;
  • We then draft your dissertation or thesis in precise accordance with the format you indicated;
  • It is then time to create an original reference list and attach this to your paper;
  • After this, we test your paper for plagiarism using a reliable detection system to make sure the text you receive is entirely authentic and original;
  • Your paper is then proofread and edited (if required);
  • The final step involves revising your paper again and delivering it to you according to the agreed deadline.
  • It is important to remember that we do not treat your dissertation as just another document. In fact, we do everything in our power to ensure you are completely satisfied with the help you get from our dissertation writing service.

If you are looking for dissertation topic help, along with further writing assistance, let experts from help you out. We have writers who have Ph.D. degrees in over 40 academic fields and have great experience in academic writing. Why should you choose us?

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