Interesting Supply-Chain Dissertation Topics

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As most graduates and undergraduates will testify, the most irritating thing about a dissertation project is choosing a topic out of the many options there is available. However, once you have made your choice, the main pressure is considerably reduced and the task ahead becomes reasonably easy.

Usually, it takes students several months to complete the research work that goes into a post-graduate or a Ph.D. degree. When choosing a supply-chain topic, it is important to select one that is interesting.

Additionally, it should be one that provides knowledge on the subject and is sufficiently interesting for readers to want to read to the paper’s end.

Moreover, it is important the topic you choose for your dissertation is one that helps you in your future career and paves the way for success. In all, the topic should be manageable. If you keep these crucial points in mind, the task ahead will not only be easier but you will feel more motivated.

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A Free List of Possible Topics for a Dissertation on Supply Chain

Topics Concerning the Design and Control of Supply Chains

One of the most important organizational aspects within any manufacturing environment is the supply chain. It is vitally important for an organization that its supply chain is properly planned and designed with tight control. Here are some topic ideas for a dissertation on the supply chain:

  • By comparing a business-to-business (B2B) environment with a business-to-consumer (B2C) environment, explain how the supply chains in these two models are different.
  • Based on an analysis of several manufacturing businesses in the UK, explain how the supply chain is managed.

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Topics Related to the Role of the Supply Chain in the Development of Products

  • Strategies for developing new products – the overall product development mix.
  • Using BMW manufacturing as a case study, explain the strategy the company uses for developing its products.
  • Provide an insight into the product development process.

Topics Related to Dynamic Pricing Structures

  • Describe how dynamic pricing works in the UK services industry?
  • Using the airline industry as a case study, explain the concept of dynamic pricing.

Management of an Organization’s Inventory

  • Discuss the adaptation of just-in-time inventory management in the United Kingdom.
  • What influence does modern technology have when it comes to managing inventories?
  • Do you think it is correct or incorrect to say that the key to managing the supply chain is effective inventory management?

Topics Related to Logistics Management

  • Explain what value chain strategies are used in the UK’s logistics industry.
  • Analyze CSR (corporate social responsibility) as this applies to the logistics industry.
  • Our operations within manufacturing businesses affected by the increase in intermodal international logistics?

Topics Related to Production Scheduling

  • What impact does information technology have on production scheduling methods?
  • Using a case study, analyze the production scheduling methods used by Toyota.
  • Using Mittal Steel as a case study, describe the scheduling methods used in steel production.

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Topics Related to Managing Quality

  • Describe the theoretical and practical implications of implementing total quality management (TQM) in UK businesses.
  • Explain how TQM and client satisfaction are applied in the house-building industry.
  • Explore the concept of quality and its evolution. What are the top fifty (50) issues that apply to the management of operations and production?

Managing Risk in Industrial Environments

  • What impact does information technology have when it comes to managing risk in industrial settings?
  • How is industrial risk managed in rural areas within the United Kingdom?
  • How is risk managed on construction sites in the UK – use a case study for analysis purposes.

Topics Related to Service Design

  • It is neither product nor service – discuss “solution” as the latest trend.
  • How should a business go about designing and implementing an eCommerce website for selling services?
  • Explain how services are designed for an online business.

Topics Related to Strategies for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

  • Explain a typical manufacturing strategy with specific reference to the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.
  • Give an insight into manufacturing strategies in general.