30 Interesting Topics for a Dissertation on Finance

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Many students seem to have difficulty finding a suitable topic for financial accounting. However, despite these challenges, there are plenty of topic options provided the student knows their subject well and converses with this field.

This is important because the dissertation topic you choose reflects what you have learned during your years in higher education. Hence, the hour comes to conduct a thorough search to find a good topic to form the basis of an outstanding dissertation.

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Our writers take great pride in helping students by providing high-quality ideas and data, which they can incorporate into high-quality dissertations and research papers. One of the many things we can help with is recommending good topics.

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Therefore, below, we provide a free list of up-to-date topics for a dissertation on finance accounting. These ideas have been provided by writers who are conversant with this subject.

Accounting Thesis Topics

Accountancy Standards

  • What are the practical implications of implementing International FRS (Financial Reporting Standards) in UK organizations?
  • What problems might agencies and auditors face in terms of the combined code?
  • What does convergence mean as this applies to international accounting standards, and is there any possibility of convergence between the United States and the European Union?

Accounting and Ethics

  • Provide an overview of ethical practices in the banking industry.
  • Should CSR be expanded beyond existing practices?
  • Are the current guidelines on ethics in accounting adequate, and is sufficient support provided?

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Alternative Investments

  • Analyze the prospects of private equity investments in Europe.
  • Looking at hedge funds and their growth, explain how their progress can be sustained and their impact on the investment market in the United Kingdom.
  • Analyze the behavior of UK investors in the equities market over the past decade.

The Banking Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Analyze the retirement (or pension) plans provided within local banking organizations.
  • To thrive, CSR is more a necessity nowadays than an option.
  • Now a commercial necessity, CSR is a factor that analysts and the industry use to judge how progressive an organization is.

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Financing Options in Emerging/New Markets

  • Looking specifically at emerging and/or new economies, what is the likely impact of direct foreign investment?
  • Explain how investment banks are introduced in new markets and how these evolve.
  • Would you say new markets are cheap?

Managing Risk

  • Explain how UK finance institutions manage the risks associated with foreign exchange.
  • What are the prospects for the EU’s financial growth and stability?
  • Analyze and explain the scope and nature of international banking in the EU zone.

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Topics Concerning Microfinance

  • The level of awareness with regards to microfinance in still-developing countries and the impact of this.
  • Using empirical research across EU countries, discuss the level of access that people have to financial services, especially poorer people. Your study should include microcredit and microfinance.
  • What alternative channels of delivery are available to UK retail banking businesses?
  • Describe what the ideal capital structure would be for the retail banking business.
  • Using comparative analysis, describe the latest developments in the way assets and liabilities are managed in UK banks.

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Online Banking

  • What role does online banking play in society?
  • Using comparative analysis, discuss technological innovation in banking in the UK and Europe.
  • Explain how relationship banking has been implemented and how it has evolved.

Perception, Gender Discrimination, and Education in the Accounting Sector

  • What are the perceived risks in the UK audit industry?
  • Is it time to change the education and training available for accountants, or are the present arrangements adequate?
  • Are women suited to accountancy positions?

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