How to Benefit From Studying Examples of Different Types of Thesis Statements

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Thesis Statement Writing Process

First, you need to learn the meaning of a thesis statement. Only then you are free to check on a great number of examples of different types of thesis statements. A thesis statement introduces the main message while connecting the introduction with the body paragraphs.

There is a thesis statement formula that writers know about. It is simple, yet effective: choose the type of sentence that correlates with the purpose and message of your writing. Unlike essay types, there are only three types of thesis statements:


The aim of a Thesis Statement

The very first thing necessary to do before discussing various types of thesis statements is to define the purpose of your piece of writing. As you may guess this sentence is of great significance as it summarizes the main ideas of the paper. As a rule, one may find a thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph of the paper. In most cases, it is usually a single sentence.

However, it may be as long as two sentences depending on the paper's specificity. The thesis serves to be a guide to make your audience aware of the main purpose of the essay and some other arguments supporting it and following in the body of your essay.

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Analytical Thesis Statement

Judging by its name, one may conclude that an analytical essay focuses on analyzing a certain problem. When working on this type of paper, you have to define the topic, then, distinguish its aspects, and evaluate them. An analytical thesis statement presents the subject, which is to be analyzed and offers ways to resolve it considering the above-mentioned aspects.

The following example of an analytical thesis statement is provided by The Purdue Online Writing Lab: "Due to a thorough study of the college admission process, one is to define one major problem counselors may face: accepting students with high test results or students with strong extracurricular backgrounds."

Here, the topic of the essay is presented by the thesis (the admission process of college). Besides, it has been distinguished and evaluated (college admission counselors face the issue).

Expository Thesis Statement

Considering this particular type of essay, you have to explain the topic to the reader. Thereby, to be clear and logical, you should define the most significant ideas of the topic chosen and explain them in the body of your piece of writing. When working on the expository thesis statement, keep in mind that you should present the aspects of your topic strictly in the same order as they are to be mentioned and discussed in the body part.

Look at the bright example of the expository thesis: "In his movies, John Hughes portrays lives of high school students from different societal classes, the aspects of teenage romance, and pleasant soundtracks contributing to the development of the teenage anxiety theme".

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Argumentative Thesis Statement

Judging by its name, it should have something common with the argument. Indeed, an argumentative type of essay is focused on making a strong argument by expressing an opinion on a certain issue. People often call that opinion an argumentative claim. Then, the body of your paper should support your claim with various kinds of evidence.

This kind of thesis statement vividly expresses your opinion and the way you are about to defend it further. For instance, if your task is to answer the question of whether cities should make public libraries stop working, then, you may proceed with the thesis statement like this "The local government should close public libraries as the latter waste tax money while becoming obsolete institutions due to the rapid boost of technologies."

As you may notice, you have to support two claims presented by an argument of your thesis statement. 

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Thesis Statement Examples

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Any thesis statement should match specific criteria. Let us focus on argumentative thesis statements to illustrate those criteria:

  • debatable 

This type of thesis requires you to come up with a statement that bears some reasonable doubt or someone can agree or disagree. 

 Physical abuse is unacceptable in all relationships. There is no place for debate, as every sane human being will agree.

check mark Because physical abuse is unacceptable in any relationship, society should have third-party organizations that can help people in need of protection. One can debate that this is a matter for the police, government, or people themselves. 

  • assertive

An argumentative thesis statement should present your position clearly, thus rhetorical questions, quotes, or vague statements cannot be thesis statements.


 Building a US-Mexico border wall will be tough on the budget. There is nothing to argue about in this sentence and it does not represent your position.

check mark Launching the project as big as border wall should be postponed, if not banned in times when we struggle with gun control and school shooting, lack of health and social care programs, as well as overall economic decrease. This statement allows one to address the number of viewpoints, making it a good thesis declaration.

  • reasonable

Any thesis statement should refer to logical, possible, and plausible scenarios and situations.

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 Dog-owners should be thrown to jail for walking with their dogs. Owning a certain pet is not the reason for detention.

check mark Dog-owners who ignore federal laws and restrictions concerning public appearances of the dogs should undergo a more strict punishment. Here one can argue that some of those laws are ludicrous.

  • based on evidence


 Drug users will go to hell after death. First, any speculation based on religious beliefs or someone’s history of substance abuse is inappropriate.

check markThe federal government should fund mode rehabilitation programs for people with a substance abuse problem as it will help decrease the number of drug-related crimes and help those individuals healthily reconnect with society. Here, one can argue that the federal government should not be held accountable for this problem or address the statistics on the existing number of rehab centers.

  • focused

You should make your thesis statement as narrow and focused as possible to deliver your message clearly and have specific evidence to support your claims.


 Gun control laws should be revised. What is your position? Who should revise those laws? Should they be more liberal or rigorous?

check mark The ATF should revise the gun control policies and strengthen control over firearms purchase and ownership to reduce the number of gun-related crimes. It is a more effective choice as it presents specific issues as well as the author's position.

An analytical thesis statement should present the idea that was derived from a thorough analysis and will be supported by the arguments in the text.


 There are a lot of race-related crimes. The numbers are always high.

check mark An increasing number of racial crimes stems from the growing number of radical organizations encouraged by the current governor. Here a potential reason can be found.

An expository thesis statement should introduce the reader to a new topic or subject under the discussion. To make it more powerful, avoid plain sentences with general information.


 The number of school shootings in the US is growing.

check mark In 2018 there were 37 school-related shootings, compared to 2 in 1900 and 17 in 2008, leading us to believe that the numbers are growing every year.

Check out more examples of thesis statements from our professionals which can upgrade your writing skills.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement 

Having a strong thesis statement help you build a powerful case within any type of writing. So here is what you have in mind while coming up with a thesis for an essay.



Reveal What You Intend to Prove

Sometimes, students get so caught up in the writing and keeping the reader intrigued, they tend to reveal the initial message in the summary. While it might work for some types of articles, it is not acceptable in academic writing. Your thesis should be the last sentence in your introduction and convey the message. Explore various examples of different types of thesis statements above to learn more.

Pick Information Carefully

Think of your introduction as a survival kit with limited space. Every item included should be vital for understanding the message, so there is no place for ‘extra’ details. Remember, your thesis statement is not a re-phrased introduction summary but rather the focal point of the writing.

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One Thesis - One Concept

As tempting as it may seem to fit several ideas into one paper/thesis statement, it is better to present things separately. Keep your critical eye and make sure you have one overall idea that is presented in the thesis statement.
If you keep in mind the important rules of thesis statement writing and study several great examples of different types of thesis statements, you can come up with a successful thesis statement yourself.

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