10 Great Commandments for Writing a Brilliant Thesis 

Learn these simple commandments for professional thesis writing.

1. Adhere to the quality standards provided by your academic institution: Quality is your top priority in thesis writing. You must be very thorough in delivering your message and following the rules and principles of quality academic writing.

2. Monitor the instructions and requirements for your thesis: Your supervisor will provide the specific requirements for your thesis assignment. These requirements are always unique, so be ready to review and understand their meaning. Ask questions or seek additional clarifications to avoid mistakes.

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3. Develop an outline and follow the basic structure for thesis writing: Planning is everything when writing a thesis. Develop a rough outline and ensure that your thesis's structure and organization meet your tutor's requirements.

4. Do not copy-paste the words and structures used by other researchers: Academic integrity and honesty are some of the principal values behind sound thesis writing. Ensure you credit every author whose ideas and conclusions you use in your thesis.

5. Do not forget to reference and cite all sources: As mentioned previously, academic integrity and honesty are everything. Your primary academic obligation is to acknowledge other authors' contributions to your thesis. Otherwise, even the best thesis project will be considered as being plagiarized.

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6. Be thorough, succinct, brief, concise, and constructive in your argument: To put it simply, stick to the point. Your thesis does not give you absolute freedom of self-expression. Rather, it requires that you stay within the limits set by the topic and subject of your project. Avoid ambiguity and repetition. Do not make your argument too redundant. Provide only information that is relevant to your topic.

7. Originality is everything – produce a novel, original argument to draw your readers' attention: All thesis papers are written with the same goal of making a unique and novel contribution to research and practice. Therefore, originality is the key to everything you do in thesis writing. Do not simply copy or reiterate what others have done before you. Invent something new and propose something unusual to produce a wonderful thesis!

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8. The thesis statement is the backbone of your project: Your thesis will never fulfill its mission if you fail to construct a cohesive and persuasive thesis statement. Your thesis statement will be the central component of your project. Everything you say or do while writing your thesis will also revolve around it.  

9. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, structure, mechanics, logic, and presentation: Do not ignore these factors, as they will considerably impact your thesis. Even if you have a brilliant original idea, you must be able to frame and communicate it in sound academic terms. Check grammar, spelling, and syntax. Correct all mistakes, errors, and typos!

10. Be academically honest and ethical in your thesis writing: As a graduate learner, you must comply with the legal and ethical rules governing academic writing. If you fail to follow the principles of honesty and integrity, you will fail to earn the best grade for your work. Check your thesis repeatedly before you decide to submit it for grading. 

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