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Finding a thesis can take days and then even more time is needed to research the sources

And build the methodology that you will present to your committee. Only when you will even start writing your dissertation, and it can take years to complete that part of the process. We can provide you with superior dissertation writing assistance. If you have written a dissertation in whole or part you understand how complex the process is. Writing a dissertation is the most difficult academic work that you will ever undertake. If a student chooses to purchase a dissertation then a group of professional writers is hired to assist with the project. This process requires an individualized touch for every customer, including analysis and assistance.

Once a dissertation topic has been approved our expert writers will help write the dissertation thesis, literature review, methodology, and research proposal as needed. Keep in mind that many of these parts may need to be approved by your instructor before the actual writing of the dissertation can begin. Once you have received all of the necessary approvals our team can begin. If the process needs to be sped up, then different tasks are divided up. A team consultant and editor will then combine the various pieces to create one cohesive paper. At any time the customer has the ability to request an update, provide comments and direction, or clarify requirements. This allows us to eliminate any misunderstandings before they occur.

Our writing process is as follows:

  • You fill out an order form with your information and the information needed to write your dissertation. The information you provide should be clear and concise for us to best assist you. Keep in mind that every step of the dissertation writing process is based on this information. Once the form is completed and submitted, proceed with payment and the process moves on to step 2.
  • Once we receive your order then we will start gathering the information needed to send it to our writing department. After the writing department receives the details, work will immediately begin on your project. The final draft is then returned and tested for plagiarism. Once we verify that the paper is unique, we will send it to you as an email attachment in strict accordance with the requested deadline. This is all it takes to get a unique and professional dissertation paper sent to you.

We realize that after you receive your finished paper you may have some items that need to be reviewed or edited. Our Free Revision Policy allows you to contact us with 2 days of receiving your finished dissertation paper, and we will make the necessary revision that you require.

Since dissertations are more in-depth than other papers, we offer a full 30 days for review during which you can request revisions. We will do the necessary revision in the time frame that you request so that you can turn your dissertation paper in on time.

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