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We are sure that you don't want any recycled stuff for your dissertation, and we never take this approach, unlike our competitors. We have no stock set of papers to send you. But what you can confidently say is that we understand your requirement and assign an appropriate writer for your assignment. Once we receive your order, we gather resources that are suitable for writing your dissertation. This is our first step. In the next step, we fix a focal point: the basic question around which your dissertation will revolve. After this, a question comes whether you choose to adopt or create a theory to match your dissertation. If you choose so, then what should its content be? After this, we create a rationale focusing on the chosen question.

The next step is all about collecting and organizing information according to the rationale of the dissertation.

We know that only the collection of data means confusion later. So, we organize them and make sure that we find exactly what we want and when. We figure out the process by which we can obtain relevant data. Here we think of a plan to collect data and study the usability for dissertation writing, and in the meantime, we also check its limitations. Our data source includes experiments, historical data, and analyses of correlation, case studies, surveys, ethnographies, and narratives of experience. Then we organize the data collected. This process helps us compare and contrast, look at cause and effect and find out the recurring trends. We classify our findings according to taxonomy, chronology, typology, etc. Then we interpret the results of collected data, craft the information into an all-rounded essay format. This process also includes a good explanation of research methods and collected data.

Writing a dissertation is a hard process, and it looks intimidating for most of the students to write many years of intensive studies into single written work. Writing such work means you have to put in a lot of effort and time, which you don't have in this modern education environment. At Top Thesis, we have no pressure at all, and our professional writers have good skills in writing and research. So it's an easy task for them, but it might be a headache for you.

 Example of Dissertation Introduction:


The current study on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) revolves around three main aspects – social, oral, and environmental. Although the concept is of greater importance in the globalized economy, business directors must consider this issue to reconsider the organizational structure, visions, objectives, and strategic frameworks. The concept of social responsibility is associated with many related concepts, including corporate responsibility, corporate ethics, corporate citizenship, stewardship, and sustainability (Mullerat 2005). It is also an evolving concept, and therefore, it can gradually modify the nature and functions of a business venture. In general, Corporate Social Responsibility is perceived as the firm’s incorporating environmental, social, and economic concerns that influence decision making, culture, values, and operations that accumulate its respectable image. More important is that CSR is the mediator of relationships between the internal and external environments (Mullerat 2005). The internal aspects include employees’ engagement and organizational culture, whereas the external issues relate to the environmental concerns, partnership, international relations, and globalized orientation. It is evident from the above-presented definitions that CSR is a genuine act of stakeholder engagement rather than the corporate image. To evaluate business performance, it is essential to estimate the framework within a company that carries out the main underpinnings of corporate social responsibility.

Objectives of the Study

There are four objectives of the study:

  1. To explore whether social responsibility should be considered as a mere act of stakeholder or it is a corporate social responsibility that each company strives to achieve;
  2. To provide a full assessment of the activities and operations of the company, the emphasis should be placed on the analysis of such aspects as vision, external and internal stakeholders, partnerships, decision making, leadership, employee culture, and overall performance;
  3. To improve the CSR operations in Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).
  4. To develop a new plan for enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility in Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation was founded as a state-owned enterprise and was legally supported by PNDC Laws 64 and 84. According to this legislation, the Corporation must “…undertake the production, disposal, and development of the petroleum,” whereas PNDC Law 84 creates the framework to control the agreement between the state, the company, and the prospective investors in the petroleum operations (OilVoice n. d). In 1896, the company started its operations that were premised on an exploration of petroleum. Currently, the company is responsible for developing, exploring, and producing crude oil and petroleum in Ghana. Before the company's establishment, under the auspices of Power and Fuel, the Petroleum Department had performed the petroleum and crude oil products procurement (OilVoice n.d.). The main mission of GNPC was to establish support to the government and provide a supply of products, thus reducing the dependence of the state on the import products (OilVoice n. d). Hence, by developing the own resources of the country, the corporation could contribute to economic growth. Additionally, the corporation takes responsibility for importing crude oil products to meet the demand. In this respect, the company's task is to reconsider its policies and make a shift from task orientation to person-centered orientation.

On the one hand, GNPC has introduced an efficient strategic framework that supports corporate social responsibility initiatives and develops a new algorithm for its business activities. It is of particular concern to the company’s managers' activities who seek to develop an environmentally friendly technology for exploring innovative means of oil and gas production. It should be noted that the framework makes a significant shift from task orientation to customer orientation to increase the respectable image of the company and strengthen its positions in the international market. Nonetheless, there are still many directions and gaps into which the corporation must evolve. To enlarge on this issue, the company should also develop transparent reporting to eliminate corruption and introduce and put into practice a new employee culture to attract new promising experts in the field of oil production.

The rationale for the Research

Change management is the key to increasing the company’s competitiveness because it will allow adjusting to the external marketing environment. Therefore, corporate social responsibility should stand at the core of the company’s activities to keep abreast of the recent innovations in the technological and scientific world. Therefore, you should direct the research and development opportunities to the evaluation of GNPC’s readiness to face the challenges of the global marketplace and produce high-quality products in the context of the highly motivated environment. However, it should be acknowledged that the company has a rich and long history in Western Africa; although, the current changes in its strategies have led to an increase in the market segment and overall economic growth. The emphasis on strategic management is beneficial for the company's producers, but ignorance of employee culture can lead to a decline in customer demand. Therefore, the research on the company should expand knowledge on GNPC’s operations and provide new directions for its further development.

The corporation's main purpose is to introduce the Petroleum Agreement with the Government of the Republic of Ghana to explore and operate by the standards. In particular, the agreement provides Ghana and the corporation with a stronger position in exploring and producing various oil and gas products. The new strategy is much more beneficial because it gives the country a larger availability of resources and the new economic potential for the development of resources and opportunities in Ghana. The information provided by the company CEO: “Not only with this agreement increases the resources share and net revenues that would accrue to Ghana but also makes GNPC a Joint Operator for the first time” (GNPC 2013). Therefore, successful cooperation between the government and the corporation can ensure sustainable development for GNPC. However, you should also develop foreign relationships to make sure that problems have been solved. What is more important is that the managers of GNPC should emphasize the analysis of employees’ awareness of the company’s orientation to both domestic and international stakeholders because it can largely affect its business activities in the future.

In addition to changing the management and environmental concerns, the field of production in which the company is involved matters because it compels the community to think of the safety and potential risk caused by oil and gas manufacturing. In this respect, Spence (2009, pp. 60-61) explains: “today’s oil and gas companies work within an ever-broader and more complex set of social institutions – norms and expectations that exist alongside the market forces, but which are created and shaped in other ways.” Hence, these expectations are socially predetermined, but governmental and non-governmental organizations require some of them. In this context, GNPC should also consider all the perspectives to make sure that it has taken the course of environmentally safe activities that will promote safety and welfare in the country.


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