Dissertation introduction

We Top Thesis are very strict when it comes to instructions that you have given us and follow them to ensure that dissertation is well written.

We are sure that you don’t want any recycled stuff for your dissertation and we never take this approach unlike our competitors. We have no stock set of papers to send you. But what you can confidently say that we understand your requirement and assign appropriate writer for your assignment. Once we receive your order, we gather resources that are suitable for writing your dissertation. This is our first step. In next step we fix a focal point which will be the basic question around which your dissertation will revolve. After this a question comes whether you choose to adopt or create a theory to match your dissertation. If you choose so, then what should its content be? After this we create rationale focusing on the chosen question.

Next step is all about collection and organization of information according to the rationale of dissertation.

We know that only the collection data means confusion later. So, we organize them and make sure that we find exactly what we want and when. We figure out the process by which we can obtain relevant data. Here we think of a plan on collecting data and also study the usability for dissertation writing and in the mean time we also check its limitations. The source of our data includes experiments, historical data, and analyses of correlation, case studies, surveys, ethnographies and narratives of experience. Then we  organize the data collected. This process helps us in to compare and contrast, look at cause and effect and to find out recurring trend. We classify our findings according to taxonomy, chronology, typology etc. Then we interpret results of collected data, craft the information into all rounded essay format. This process also includes a good explanation of research methods and collected data.

Writing a dissertation is a hard process and it looks intimidating task for most of the students to write many years of intensive studies into single written work. Writing such a work means you have to put a lot of effort and time which you don’t really have in this modern environment of education. At Top Thesis we have no pressure at all and our professional writers have a good skill of writing and research. So it’s an easy task for them but it might be a headache for you.

At TopThesis.com we help you with

  All steps of Dissertation process
  Review of literature & development of projects
  Collection of data and Construction of database
  Design of research, Analysis of data & Statistics
  Improvement of quality & Research outcome
  Writing a grant & Research in educational base
  Construction of test & Development of questionnaire
  Result presentation & Reports preparation

Apart from this, you also get a detail plagiarism report (if you need one) showing your dissertation as original, free work outline (on request), revision if you want so, a title page, bibliography and formatting. The completed dissertation reaches you via email and your account at our site.