Writing a Thesis - Analysis/Discussion Chapter

Discussion and analysis are probably the most critical components of any thesis. These are also the longest sections of your thesis, which require thoroughness, conciseness, attention to details, brevity and extensive use of primary and secondary evidence.

You cannot write a great thesis without using a large body of literature. Every claim you make must be supported with credible and verifiable information. The data you provide in these sections will either support or nullify your hypotheses or assumptions. In either case, these results will inform the direction of future research activities.

You will need to devote a few paragraphs to the discussion and analysis of your results

Consider the requirements for your thesis and ask your thesis supervisor for more detail if you are not sure how much space your discussion and analysis chapter must take. Begin the section with the strongest evidence that either supports or refutes your thesis. If you have any doubts, ask for help, and we will be happy to provide you with sufficient evidence to support your conclusions.

While working on the analysis and discussion chapters of your project, we will adhere to the rules and requirements provided by your supervisor. We will consider the terms and technical vocabulary that must be used in the body of your thesis. We try not to overload discussions with too many technical words, so that your reader could understand your conclusions. Otherwise, we will include a glossary of terms to explain the meaning of the most complicated words. With our writers, you will not have any trouble submitting a perfect thesis on time!