How to Write a Cause Effect Essay

Essays of the cause and effect variety are concerned with what causes things to happen i.e. why they happened and the effects of these causes i.e. what happens or results from them. Put another way, this type of essay explains how a particular thing happened and what the results of that are. Because the primary objective of a cause and effect essay is to be informative, it should have a professional tone and the information presented should be factual. All information should be presented in as convincing a manner as possible in order to persuade readers to agree and/or accept that the causes and the effects described are believable.

The following are a few points to bear in mind if you are asked to write a cause and effect essay:

  • Familiarize yourself with your chosen topic. It will be difficult to convince readers if you are not sufficiently sure yourself and if you do not have sufficient information to present.
  • You should not write from the first person perspective. This will mean information is limited to yours. By contrast, statements can make a point forcefully and these will not be limited solely to your view.
  • Set out your topic’s main point or idea in the introduction or opening paragraph and make sure you use the words “causes” and “effects.” While you need not be too specific, you should include statements linking both of these.
  • You should remain focused on causes and effects that are related and direct while leaving out those that are remote and/or indirect.
  • Strengthen the points you make with supporting evidence. This could be facts, statistics, anecdotes, or things you have observed yourself.
  • All your causes, and likewise your effects, should be presented in an order that is structured and logical until your point has been clearly conveyed.
  • Use transitions to move smoothly from paragraph to paragraph. It is important to connect each paragraph’s topic to the preceding one and to your essay’s main point or idea.
  • Sum-up everything you covered in the concluding or closing paragraph of your essay.

By keeping these tips in mind and remembering to stick to your “causes” and your “effects,” you have the ingredients for a successful essay.