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It is better to start every thesis writing from the listing of all the thesis chapters. It is considered as a draft. Writer should include all the chapters he/she intends to write about in the body. It also important to note that some thesis parts are more important than others, thus they are called the main parts. Every thesis is written according to the generally accepted standards, for instance, you should provide an introduction, main body and appendix. It is also recommended to include the following thesis parts: title page, acknowledgement page, table of contents and of course list of figures and abbreviations.

The title page is considered one of the most important parts of the introduction

Here you should provide the title of your thesis, student’s name and instructor’s name. Our writers follow the above-described standards every time they are assigned to write a thesis.   

Other parts of the thesis include a table of contents

It should be provided in a chronological way and list all the thesis chapters. Our writers create a table of contents (TOC) that matches each and every page by its number. It helps to avoid confusion and find the necessary content on the mentioned page. The very first part of the main body is the thesis hypothesis. Our writers create arguable and easy to comprehend hypotheses taking into account the scope of study. The hypothesis is always supported by the evidences provided in the main body. 

The hypothesis can be written in a statement or question form

In the appendices part, our writers provide material that helps to support the thesis as well but cannot be included in the main body.