Thesis - Literature Review Writing Service

Literature review usually outlines and explains the gaps in the selected research questions. It explains how it is possible to fill this gap and what type of methods can be applied. The literature review chapter plays a crucial role since it helps to show that the author has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the case study, as well as the process applied during the research work.

Several aspects should be presented in the literature review

For instance, it should include a detailed explanation of the case study status. It is important to show that the author has detected the problem in a selected area and that he/she understands that it should be solved in the research work. 

We understand that case studies can be complicated

That is why we are ready to explain you our steps that help us to complete the research. As a result, our writers provide assistance with selecting the methodologies that should be applied during the research work. We make sure that the literature review incorporates the background information related to the customer’s case study. It helps us to find the needed material and use it in the main body of the thesis

Due to the fact that methodologies should be included in the literature review part, we make sure that all the ideas and facts borrowed from the credible sources are cited and referenced in a proper way using the requested formatting style. It helps us to ensure that the thesis is plagiarism free. In addition, it helps in citing the content of the main body.