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Thesis abstract resembles the whole thesis. However, it is considered to be its shorter copy. Abstract should condense the whole thesis and highlight the main points without presenting all the details.

Students find writing a thesis abstract a challenging task

It is complicated to understand when it is enough giving the information. In some instances, students end up with two theses because they cannot identify the thin line between the main thesis and its abstract.

When our writers create a thesis abstract they make sure that only necessary information is provided in it. First, they writer short paragraphs and then put them together in one thesis abstract. 

It is worth noting that abstract contains of the same parts as the main paper

They are intro, main body and bibliography. We add a title page when writing the thesis paper. Our writers make sure the abstract helps to guide the reader and inform him/her about the whole thesis. moreover, our writers tackle the ”Why” question. It means they explain why the thesis is important. Readers will also have an opportunity to comprehend how you created your thesis. We will explain the methodologies applied during the research work. Our writers will also present the results you have come up with to show which one proves the hypothesis. Last but not the least, we include recommendations that help to improve the discussed situation. When our writers provide recommendations, they apply the open-end method. It ensures that we offer recommendations and not the final solution of the selected issue.