Proposal Chapter

Writing a thesis proposal is a challenge, but you cannot skip this step as you are preparing to write a thesis. A proposal is where you outline the key aspects of your thesis. You actually create a plan for your thesis, and you submit your proposal to a course supervisor who must approve it before you even start writing anything. This is why we pay so much attention to each and every proposal written by our specialists. We understand that it can be a life changer for you and anyone else. We don’t charge any extra or unreasonable fees for writing thesis proposals because we understand how significant they are for every student. At the same time, we never compromise the quality of our work because we know how it can impact students’ grades and careers.

Each and every thesis proposal is written by graduate experts

We create a proposal that will help you launch a thesis project without any difficulty. We include the following components:

Title – we create an interesting and eye-catching title that reflects the essence of your thesis.

Goals and objectives – we specify the goals and objectives you expect to meet in your proposal. These should also be compelling enough to persuade your audience that your thesis is worth their attention.

Review of literature – here we review the current literature and outline gaps in research. We also specify the ways we plan to close these gaps.

Methods – we include brief but relevant information about the methods that are to be used in thesis writing.

Expected results – we describe the results we plan to achieve while working on the proposal. We create a full picture of the future thesis and its contribution to future research and practice.

Timeline – here we will evaluate the amount of time needed to complete the thesis. Our experts are fully aware of the hurdles they may face when working on your thesis, so your timeline will be realistic.

Glossary of terms – the thesis proposal will also include a list of the most frequently used terms and definitions to promote a better understanding of your task among readers.