Project Thesis Writing Help

Any project thesis comprises two essential components. First, it is a project itself, in which you propose and justify a solution to some practice problem. Second, it is an essay that accompanies your project. Thesis project writing is particularly popular among students majoring in education, business administration, public administration, organizational management, and social work. It is also popular among professors who expect that students will use all their skills and knowledge gained in their main course to design an effective solution to a pertinent problem.

When working on your project, bear in mind that you cannot simply propose some solution to a problem that exists in your practice environment. Rather, you should be ready to implement this solution and provide evidence that it will improve the situation. For example, you may want to propose a new strategy for working with adolescents who have experienced family abuse in social work environments. Likewise, you may propose a new method for teaching mathematics among children with autism. Your project must be based on professional knowledge and expertise in your area. Use as many reliable sources as you can to support your claims!

Some Advice for Writing Project Thesis Works

As you are progressing towards the completion of your project, keep in touch with your supervisor. Ask for advice and support to avoid any misunderstandings. Make notes throughout the process. Follow the initial outline approved by your advisor. Use as much primary evidence from interviews and surveys as you can to make sure that your project aligns with the realities of your professional practice. Talk to people. Listen to them. Be ready to incorporate their responses into your project.

Project Thesis Essays

An essay for a project can be written in several different ways, but it must still include a few mandatory components.


Provide a context and share some background information related to your project. For example, describe the mission and vision of the organization for which the project is being developed. You may also want to consider the broader socioeconomic conditions surrounding your project.


Now specify the problem you plan to solve in your project. What are the roots of the problem? How serious is it? What are the financial and legal ramifications? What has been done before you to solve the problem? What were the issues encountered by other practitioners as they were struggling to eradicate the problem? Use literature to support your claims.


Now you will provide the specifics of your proposed solution, its goals, objectives and the extent to which they align with the goals and mission of the organization. You will outline the activities the organization must carry out to accomplish the desired mission. You will need to specify the resources and capabilities needed to streamline the implementation of the project. Again, use credible sources to support your assumptions.

Implementing the Project

Describe and discuss the way your proposed project should be implemented. Do not hesitate to include additional details.

Project Evaluation

Specify the criteria that are to be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and its results. How will you evaluate the extent to which the project has reached its goals?

Project Analysis

Use previous research findings to describe the practical utility of your project and possible limitations for your readers. Outline the factors that could mediate the effects of your project on the target audience. What are the changes your project has brought? What are the things you would like to avoid in future project activities? Try to analyze the effectiveness of your project in solving the real-life problem you have described in your essay. See if the results of your project can have any theoretical or research implications. Include any relevant materials that could help your audience understand the meaning of your project (e.g., handouts).