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Thesis Statement and Draft of Introductory Materials

Version 1

Thesis Statement: The gap between the physical world and the digital space is continuously becoming blurred due to the advancement in mobile and gaming technologies.

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Introduction: Technological advancements in the sphere of handheld devices and gaming industry are drawing more people to the digital space by developing games that are not only user friendly but also more attractive (Campbell & Park, 2008). Their attractiveness is largely attributed to the fact that these games increase social interaction across various demographical groups and geographical locations. Consequently, modern games meant for mobile devices not only increase the awareness of the world around people but also improve interactions between people through virtual communities (Flew & Smith, 2011).

For example, Pokemon Go players get acquainted with historical buildings and cultural monuments they would not have known without the augmented reality functionality embedded in the game (Wiltshire, 2016). The game is a contemporary example of the interaction between mobile devices or social media and an individuals construction of self-identity through virtual communities. The game is marked by nostalgic features, and it incorporates physical interaction with other individuals and the environment. Furthermore, the game is an apt example of how people who belong to different demographical groups migrate to the digital space, consider mobile phone games as a fact of life, and defend the gaming interaction from forces that raise questions regarding surveillance, timewasting, and distraction from important issues.


The way people present themselves to others is largely shaped by interactions with individuals and life experiences. The use of Pikachu (Pokemon monster) to remind people that there are children in war tone areas and that migrants are perishing at the sea (Shah, 2016) is an illustration of how mobile games can make people identify with the realities of the world. Collectively, these facts and observations point that the divide between the physical world and the digital space is becoming blurred due to technological developments in the mobile and gaming sectors.

Version 2

Thesis Statement: As more people continue to migrate to the digital world due to the proliferation of mobile devices and improvement in the Internet access, the perception of reality is shaped by experiences gained through these Internet-enabled devices.

Introduction: Perceptions of reality are shaped by beliefs and backgrounds. With the proliferation of handheld devices and the improvement in the access to the Internet, the social, economic, and political aspects of human life also become digitized (Bellini, 2006; Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). Given that what is real relies on what is socially acceptable, it is safe to argue that what is acceptable on virtualized social communities is also socially acceptable in the physical world. Most of the interactions in the digital space involve a certain form of acceptance of what is happening. For example, while people participate in the construction of reality playing Pokemon Go, it is undeniably not entirely an outcome of their own actions. In other words, such mobile games influence the way people interact in the real world by presenting new knowledge and experiences through augmented reality (Satchell & Graham, 2010).

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The way people define situations depends on their respective experiences and backgrounds. For example, a Pokemon Go player may learn through extended interactions with other individuals online (Wiltshire, 2016). Such virtual interactions may improve peoples social life. In fact, to play this game, users need to learn. The game attracts individuals by the narrow gap between the reality and the virtual environment. Pokemon Go is a game that needs to be played within the existing reality. Real people use their smartphones to create avatars, which are their fictitious personalities. The created avatars are placed in the virtual world to interact with other avatars as one would interact with real people in the real world. Consequently, gaming shapes personalities through fictitious characters. This is an apt example of how peoples reality or identities are constructed by digital devices and media.

Buy custom Thesis Statement and Draft of Introductory Materials essay paper cheap

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