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Personal Statement on Teen Drivers

There are many discussions whether teen drivers are as capable as the older counterparts. It has led to multiple arguments as well as controversies over that type of issue. Thus, the numbers speak for themselves. The official data indicates that youngsters aged from 16 to 19 are more likely to suffer from the motor injuries. At the same time, this is more likely to happen to people of that age in comparison to individuals who are more than 21 years old. Luckily, there is an evidence that the majority of the car crash incidents can be prevented and this can be bonded with the age of the young drivers. Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to discuss the importance of law enforcement in Florida. Such a decree would prevent young people to drive the car unless they receive drivers licenses.

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Such type of notion might be very upsetting to certain individuals. The thing is one might argue that the data about the crashes might be biased and just a coincidence. At the same time, some people tend to be very skillful drivers even before they reach 21 years old. Thus, the disappointment of some persons is only a very small price that can be paid in comparison to many saved lives. Meanwhile, it is obvious that age categories of 16-20 years old are three more time in danger and there are certain factors to that. First, teen drivers enjoy over speeding. They have less experience and hardly recognize hazardous situations. Moreover, they choose shorted ways, which can be more dangerous. Coincidentally, they might compete with one another. So, they can drive under the influence due to certain degree of peer pressure of low feelings of responsibility.

Thereafter, besides the increased safety options, this is logical to enforce that teenage driver would have the necessary skills of driving. These skills can be obtained through passing a complete driver education and obtain a license.

Buy custom Teen Drivers essay paper cheap

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