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 Personal Statement of Purpose

There is no wealth like knowledge and only educated people are free. That is why I want to be wealthy and free. I was searching for the way I could achieve my goal. Finally, I came to the conclusion that to learn something new is a timeless pleasure and a valuable treasure.

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Admittedly, I believe that I am a person with a great ability to learn and willingness to cooperate and creatively solve problems. I also believe that my sense of responsibility and my friendly disposition to people may help me to become a good professional in public service. In my opinion, a person who wants to achieve success in the sphere of public service has no right to make a mistake while choosing an appropriate program. By nature, I am a responsible and hard-working person who tries to avoid mistakes.

I am sure that my professional experience and previous educational qualifications may help me to succeed in the future study and career. I communicated with clients about depositing, saving, and opening accounts; sorted important files in the CEOs office; applied my English communication skills during interviews; learned the relationships between banks and how they did trades and followed a business manager to learn what he did.

I am sure that my background and ambitions will motivate me to achieve my short-term and long-term goals. I realize that in order to become a public service professional, it is paramount for a person to love people. I am sure that I have all properties one needs to work productively with people. I am a reliable, sociable, self-motivated, responsible, hard-working, and creative person. My indefatigable enthusiasm encourages me to learn hard in order to become a good professional.

To be a well-knowledgeable professional in public service is important to me. I am looking forward to developing all my abilities and realizing my potential in order to become wealthy and free in life. My previous education and work experience have contributed a lot to my ability to learn fast and develop in different areas.

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I am willing to be part of the students environment and participate in and shape the life of the campus. I feel I am full of energy and desire to do this. I hope that I will become one of the most compelling candidates for admission because of my strong desire and intention to work in the public sector and devote my life to this honorable profession. I have studied, worked, and contributed to my school, family, and community all my life.

I always try to be honest and helpful to people. My life has never been easy. I should better say it is full of choices. I am a positive person and have a positive attitude to life. I try to see only the best in people and events. In my opinion, positive people may succeed in life and make happy those who are around them.

In conclusion, I should add that a career of a public service professional is very appealing to me because I want to dedicate my effort and potential to working in this sphere.

Buy custom Statement of Purpose essay paper cheap

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