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Technology Proposal Paper

Business Process Explanation

The proposed business process concerns the Hometown Deli that I inherited from my grandfather. The problem regards noting the name of the customers, recipes, and keeping the inventory. An additional problem concerns advertisement, which initially was carried through word-of-mouth only. Notably, the Deli can benefit from technology in that if a computer is purchased for keeping the inventory and recipes, it will save a lot of time regarding consulting with my grandfather on how some food has to be prepared (McGinty, 2012). Another essential thing is the use of a digital menu board. This is essential as customers will be able to know what is available on the menu at a given time. Additionally, if the advertisement is done via leaflets and radio, the Deli will become popular among many people. Thus, I plan to introduce these things in the Deli to make it thrive as it used to be back in 1952.

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Proposed Technology Solution

A computer will enable the Deli to function profitably and normally. It will be used to store the essential data regarding recipes, inventory and at times the name of new customers who visit the premise (Kakkar, 2009). A laptop is a good solution for the business because it is ready to be used after it has been bought (Athey & Gans, 2009). The only thing that needs installation is accounting software, which I can handle personally. A printer will also be essential as it facilitates making the leaflets that can be used to advertise the Deli. Additionally, a cell phone will be essential for making orders necessary for the Deli. This will save time for going physically to make orders for stuff needed in the Deli. A digital menu board will also come in handy to update customers on what food is on the menu and the price charged for the food.

List of Components




Computer or Laptop that is installed with Microsoft Windows 8

Printer and Photocopy (Kakkar, 2009)

Digital Menu Board

Accounting software such as Sage (Sage, 2013)

Cell Phone ("Phone Systems", n.d.)

SIM Card

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How the Solution Will Improve the Process

The proposed solution will improve the process since a laptop will facilitate the keeping of myriad information regarding the Deli. For instance, keeping the data regarding the recipes will save on time that is utilized to get information from my grandfather who has the whole information stored in his memory. Additionally, a Laptop will facilitate keeping the inventory. It should be noted that computers have programs, which in this case is christened as Sage that can facilitate calculating of the business purchases and sales (Sage, 2013). This is essential since it will provide information regarding whether the business is making profits or losses. Another advantage associated with a Laptop is the fact that it can facilitate making the leaflets, which are essential for advertising the business. A printer will also contribute to the improvement of the process (Storey, 1994). A digital menu board is also essential because it will inform customers regarding what foods are served and at what price. This will improve the process since customers will be able to check for themselves what food they can afford. Lastly, a mobile phone will improve the process as it facilitates the saving of time utilized to purchase more stock for the business. A mobile phone will facilitate communication between our suppliers and us ("Phone Systems", n.d.).

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Support for Strategic Objective

The information technology solution will improve the customers experience given that they will be able to check on the digital menu board what food is served and at what price. This is critical because customers prefer a place that is organized; they should not queue to find out from the cashier, which foods are on the menu and at what price. Thus, the digital menu board provides customers with a widescreen where they can compare prices and foods on the menu. Besides, the Laptop for the business will make work easier as it will be able to tabulate the inventory. This means that shortages of supplies will be dealt with.

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Buy custom Technology Solution Proposal Sample essay paper cheap