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Critique of Nursing Research Proposal

The research proposal under review is designed in the form of a short presentation. The majority of the parts of the proposal are thoroughly covered and explained sequentially. The proposal has a well-outlined methodology that includes inclusion and exclusion criteria. The authors of the proposal clearly describe the participants that will be engaged in the study, as well as the ways data will be collected. Further, the proposal provides background information about the condition under research, namely Alzheimer's Disease (AD), and justifies the need to conduct the study. However, the proposal has several weaknesses that should be addressed before a research study based on the proposal is allowed to be conducted.

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Literature Review and Study Objectives

A research study should evaluate the existing knowledge and further expand it. The general structure of the proposal under review is weak due to the proposal's strong inclination towards the figures related to the spread of AD. However, the objectives of the study are clearly defined, and they are mostly related to disease intervention. Therefore, background information and literature review should have been more inclined towards the causes of the disease because such an approach would allow authors to determine intervention methods and stages more effectively.

Determination of Sampling Size

The process of the obtainment of a sample size follows a statistical procedure to ensure that the sample chosen represents the population (Emmel, 2013). Too small a sample may not adequately represent the entire population, while too big a sample might lead to a waste of time and resources while not adding any significant value to the study. In the research proposal under review, the study area is not clear. The authors state that the participants of the study will be 100 people, but they provide no concrete information regarding how the sample size was arrived at. Although the authors state that the confidence level will be 95% and the p level will constitute 0.05, the two values are not used alongside the target population to determine the size of the sample. The authors state that a sample of 100 individuals will be used, but any other eligible people willing to participate in the study will be admitted as well. The aforementioned information does not give an idea of what the ideal sample for the population is and how it will be arrived at. The credibility of the study is compromised since populations are rarely used in studies.

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Lack of a Hypothesis

The proposal fails to provide a concrete hypothesis for the study. A scientific study should aim at answering a concrete question that lies between what is known about a certain issue and what is not. A hypothesis should predict the outcome of a study, thus providing a study with a clear formulation of desired results. In most cases, research objectives are derived from the hypothesis of a study. This makes it mandatory to have a hypothesis testable and verifiable through scientific methods and procedures. The lack of a clear hypothesis exposes the weakness of the research proposal under review because the clarity of the aim of the study is jeopardized.

Research Area

A research proposal should justify why research should be carried out. It should outline the need to conduct a study, clearly outlining a study scope and methods. Besides, it should clearly define geographical jurisdictions, timelines, and participants. The research proposal under review fails to determine the geographical area in which the study will be conducted. The proposal literature review highlights the state of AD in the United States in general. It would be expensive and nearly impractical to conduct a research study that would cover such a large area due to time and resource constraints. Therefore, the authors should have chosen a particular region, such as a county or a state, and they should have justified why that area had been chosen. Further, the proposal fails to provide a timeline over which the study will be conducted, as well as the study's budgetary requirements.

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Buy custom Nursing Review and Critique of Research Proposal essay paper cheap

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