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Creative Solutions for Business


The business I would like to start is an advertising agency called Creative Solutions. The company focuses on different advertising services. Among its benefits over competitors are the creative projects of the agency that vary from popular advertisings. The staff of the company arranges from about 10 to 15 employees.

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Ownership and Company Structure

Creative Solutions will be a partnership. This type of business ownership has several important benefits, which make it preferable to choose. First, partners do not have to deal much with paperwork, and it saves a considerable amount of time. They have an arrangement as soon as they start the business. Moreover, partners work together; therefore, it is easier for them to run a business in comparison with a sole proprietor. When one partner is out of the city or ill, another can work (Types of Ownership Structures, 2011). The structure of Creative Solutions will be made according to general recommendations for a typical advertising agency structure. The basic structure is common for large companies and small agencies like this one. Creative Solutions will have six major departments: Account Services, Account Planning, Creative Department, Finance and Accounts, Media Buying, and Production Department (Suggett, n. d.). Each branch will have its own functions.

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Business and Services

Creative Solutions provides different advertising services. It has several loyal customers among various companies, as well as look for new ones constantly. Creative Solutions is a full-service advertising agency, and it has a particular range of services, common for such companies (McKay, n. d.). It provides advertising and marketing planning services, which are aimed at advertisement creation and marketing plan development for the clients. Every customer is unique; thus, the advertisements and marketing plans should be unique as well. Creative Solutions provides effective and creative marketing campaigns. The agency also supplies the services of graphic design, printing, and copywriting. My agency will employ several graphic designers and copywriters. Printing equipment is rather expensive; therefore, Creative Solutions will provide this service via its printing partners. Good graphic design, copywriting, and printing of high quality are important elements of advertising services and have an influence on the overall success of marketing campaigns. Media purchasing services are also provided by Creative Solutions. These services mean purchasing places for advertisements in newspapers, magazines, on TV and radio, and so on. Creative Solutions will try to find good places for reasonable prices. Web marketing services will be aimed at publishing advertisements on the Internet. Creative Solutions will select the most appropriate websites and pages for the particular advertising. Finally, the advertising agency will provide a tracking results service. It means checking the efficiency of the advertisement and modifying something in case of bad results.

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Mission Statement

The mission statement of Creative Solutions can be created according to the Starr Method that provides such format Verb, target, outcome (Gass, 2010). The mission statement of Creative Solutions is We produce creative advertisements to help our clients become successful.

Marketing Goals

Creative Solutions Company has such marketing goals for the next 5 years:

1. Increase the share in the local advertising services market quickly due to competitive advantages (creativity and unusual projects).

2. Build a loyal customer base and find new clients regularly.

3. Create a reputation of a reliable agency that has reasonable prices, but provides unique services and creative advertisements.

4. Popularize the agency via advertising in local newspapers, business magazines, on business TV channels, and on websites.

5. Improve the quality of services regularly and start new ones periodically.

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Buy custom Creative Solutions for Business essay paper cheap

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