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Sexual Risk Behaviors in Adolescents


The sexual risk behaviors which adolescents engage in are among the activities that might cause HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. Examples of sexually transmitted infections include syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Syphilis is the most infectious at its primary and secondary stages. The STI is reported mostly among men who have sex with other men. Also, mothers infected with syphilis may pass it to their unborn. Chlamydia and gonorrhea influence the spread of HIV. These two sexually transmitted infections are noted to cause pelvic inflammatory diseases and chronic pelvic pain. In extreme cases, gonorrhea and chlamydia cause infertility as noted by the Florida Department of Health (2017). The purpose of this research is to determine the impact of health policies with regards to HIV/AIDS and other STIs and how the same affects youth behaviors to reduce sexual risks.

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Prevalence, Epidemiology and Cost Burden

Florida State has been in the lead regarding the number of adolescents diagnosed with HIV. In 2012, Florida was ranked third regarding the total number of HIV and AIDS cases. Twenty-five percent of these cases involved teenagers between the ages of 13-24 (Omicsgroup. 2016). In 2017, a Florida high school report recorded more incidents of sexual intercourse among students in the 12th grade and among students who were above 18 years (Florida High School, 2017). Cases of sex between a male and a male rose to 61.9% in 2015 and consequently increased the number of syphilis infections in the same year. On the other hand, examples of chlamydia and gonorrhea infections were recorded the highest among female teens between the ages of 20 and 24 (Florida Department of Health, 2017).

Behavioral interventions among the youth have been working towards reducing reported cases of engagement in sexual activities, their frequency, and the number of sexual partners. Besides, these interventions work to ensure that teenagers use protection to prevent pregnancy and STIs.

The intention of the Policy

Legislation related to remote dispensing site pharmacies was proposed by senator Grimsley who represents the 26th district (Omicsgroup. 2016). This policy filed in November aims at regulating the establishment of remote dispensing pharmacies and their operations. Senator Grimsley argues that the legislation will help to supervise medical stores for better outcomes. It is noted that the legislator has undertaken critical approaches towards ensuring the policy is set forth and integrated with the practices of nursing for effective mitigation of the issue.

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Legislators Involved

Senator Grimsley also targets limiting the function of RDSPs as centralized prescription refilling centers. She also states the need for policy and procedure that will provide the appropriate method to protect patient information in the remote dispensing pharmacies (Omicsgroup. 2016). The particular duties and roles of the pharmacy technician working in these stores should be well laid out. Moreover, the legislation does not allow a registered pharmacist to work in more than one RDSP. Only those approved by the board can do so (Omicsgroup. 2016). These RDSPs are also required to describe how they will comply with federal laws.

Role of APRN in Assisting with the Policy

Certified nurse practitioners are customarily tasked with prescribing medication and medical equipment (National Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, 2014). The CNP's role of specifying proper medical equipment to the RDSPs would enable them to meet the needs of these legislations. Successful implementation of this policy would mean it is successful as indicated by the Florida Department of Health (2017). For example, RDSPs that carry out HIV/AIDS tests and provide counseling would benefit from a proper prescription from a certified nurse practitioner. Under the Nurse Practitioners Act, they have been allowed to provide and prescribe medication to the patient as presented by the National Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (2014). The RDSP legislation defines a community pharmacy as a location where drugs are dispensed or stored. An APRN nurse is working at a hospital or dispensary, therefore, will be required to follow some of the rules provided by the RDSP legislation act (Omicsgroup. 2016).

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Influence of the Policy on Clinical Practices

The RDSP legislation will play a significant role in raising youths' behavior in terms of sexual practices. Based on the recommendation of using protection to prevent teen pregnancies and STIs, the remote dispensing site pharmacies would provide proper prescriptions. It is because the person carrying out the judgment is qualified as a pharmacist. The teens already infected with HIV/AIDS and STIs will not be afraid to share their condition with the pharmacist since they are sure that the confidentiality law will be followed as the RDSP legislation has specified.

The policy will help different professions to have a deeper understanding of how to deal with the teens affected with HIV/AIDS and how they can eliminate the sexual practices attributed to increasing the risk of contracting this infection. Moreover, educating the youth about the effects of the conditions such as STIs and other infections will be improved.


Notably, sexual behaviors endanger the lives of adolescents with the possibility of contracting diseases. The adverse effect is seen in the outcomes of death or contraction of HIV/AIDS for which currently there is no cure. Individuals affected by the outcomes of sexual behaviors face major lifestyle, social, and health challenges. The high record of HIV/AIDS, STIs, and teen pregnancy would be curbed through this legislation. When the act takes effect on 1st July 2018, the youth development behavioral interventions will feel the enormous support by the remote dispensing site pharmacies (Omicsgroup. 2016). RDSPs will be expected to improve their services through this legislation and will, therefore, reflect on the success of the interventions. In conclusion, implementing the policy will ensure the reduction in the spread of these diseases, hence curbing the high mortality rate attributed to such conditions.

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Buy custom Sexual Risk Behaviors essay paper cheap

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