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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

I am an advanced practice nurse at the St. Jonas hospital. My desire to choose nursing as a career is determined by my great capacity for empathy and compassion. Nurses serve to protect people from diseases and related problems, both physical and psychological. I am sure that my personal philosophy of nursing can help me improve and use my knowledge and skills to ensure patient safety.

The Definition of Nursing

Nursing aims to protect people's lives. It offers services that maintain patient safety during the disease course. Nurses play an important role in health protection, health promotion, disease diagnosis, and treatment of individual patients and populations as a whole (Masters, 2017). Nursing focuses both on a patient and healthcare environment that helps combat diseases. In the past, nurses were not allowed to work independently, so they worked only under doctors' supervision. However, the development of nursing, new technology, and inventions in medicine has become an impetus for changes in one of the main medical professions.

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Today, nursing is both an art and a science. To become true professionals, nurses should acquire necessary skills and be able to apply them in practice. Moreover, it is important to have a profound knowledge of special disciplines such as biology, chemistry, psychology, and others. Nurses' work should be based on medical theories because they help to properly fulfill professional duties. Nurses have an important mission in society to provide care and ensure patient safety. I practice nursing because I want to improve public health.

Assumptions and Beliefs

In the process of performing their professional duties, nurses acquire some beliefs associated with the peculiarities of nursing practice. As a rule, these beliefs form the basis of nursing. As for me, I believe that nursing is a science and art. Being a science, nursing requires the profound knowledge of not only medicine but also psychology, sociology, ethics, and history (Masters, 2017). I also think that nurses should perceive their profession as art. Admittedly, art influences the person's psyche and spirituality. I believe that it can improve people's health, moods, and overall well-being. If nurses perceive their profession as art, this will inspire them to better fulfill their professional responsibilities and help as many patients as possible.

I believe that nurses should be empathetic and compassionate. Empathy and compassion are very important in the healthcare environment because they play a leading role in ensuring patient safety. Nurses are those individuals who stay close to patients who need their support and care. I believe that a nurse should be ready to take care of any patient, regardless of his/her health status, disease, race, and so on. Nurses should treat all patients equally, as well as developing friendly relationships with their colleagues.

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The Definitions and Examples of Domains of Nursing

The domains of nursing include a person, health, and environment. A person is a recipient of care who occupies a special place in nursing. According to research, communication in nursing is the key to good treatment outcomes (Masters, 2017). Therefore, while treating patients, nurses should interact with them. For example, it is important to provide comfort, advice, and support to people who experience physical and psychological difficulties.

The next domain is health which can be defined as the state of physical, social, and mental well-being. The main aim of nurses is to use their skills, knowledge, and experience to improve patients' health. To improve public health, a nurse should competently perform his/her duties, increase patients' awareness about different diseases, and educate them. The goal of nursing is not only to treat patients but also to teach them how to prevent diseases. Also, nurses should put forward different suggestions on how to strengthen public health.

The next domain of nursing is the environment. The safety of patients depends on a favorable environment where they can receive appropriate care (Masters, 2017). Therefore, nurses should create such an environment that will positively influence treatment outcomes. Moreover, it is necessary to encourage each health professional to competently provide his/her services. The healthcare environment based on trustful and honest relationships between healthcare professionals and patients may contribute to the improvement of patients' health. It also prevents stress and emotional burnout among nurses.

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While working as a nurse, I will pay attention to all these domains. A person, health, and environment are interconnected, forming the basis of my nursing practice. I believe that in the future, there will be a growing need for nurses due to population growth. Thus, there will probably be a lack of nurses. Moreover, new technology and information will increase the demand for highly qualified nurses who can ensure patient safety.

I think that I will face certain challenges as a nurse. For example, I am afraid of emotional exhaustion and fatigue that may occur under the influence of constant stress. I may also experience burnout due to work overload and communication with ill individuals. My main goal for professional development is to improve my professional skills and knowledge. I am going to continue my education as I want to receive a master's degree in nursing. I am also going to communicate with other experienced professionals to keep my knowledge up-to-date.

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Buy custom Personal Philosophy of Advanced Nurse essay paper cheap

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