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Congestive Heart Failure

Mr. P is suffering from heart failure and disease of the cardiac muscles. He is 76 years old and has suffered chronically from the ailment. The manifestation of the disease is severe edema, lung crackles, and the use of much energy to breathe. The patient is desperate due to his suffering despite having the support of his wife. His main challenge is sticking to his dietary restrictions and managing the side effects of using multiple doses of different drugs. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate care for the patient and have a treatment plan that involves providing information to the patient and his family to influence good outcomes.

The best method to manage Mr. P is through using a holistic patient care approach. It is designed to cater to the patient's needs physically and emotionally. The holistic approach entails health education, compensation of the patient's self-care deficit, implementation of the patient's process of treatment, and provision of emotional support for the patient (Ponikowski et al., 2016).

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A good treatment plan will provide the patient with a higher opportunity for recovery or delay of complications. The treatment plan for Mr. P will comprise a multidisciplinary team of health workers, namely a nurse, a physician, a pharmacist, and a physiotherapist, that will dispatch quality care. The physician will examine the patient and prescribe medication that will be disbursed by the pharmacist (Scott & Winters, 2015). The nurse will provide primary care for the patient as well as health education to encourage drug compliance and patients' cooperation regarding the process of treatment. The nurse will also monitor the impact of the prescribed medication on the patient to ensure that the adverse effects of the drugs do not worsen the patient's condition (Scott & Winters, 2015). The role of the physiotherapist is to give the patient the physical exercises that he/she needs to improve the blood flow to all parts of the body.

The best method that will provide the patient and his family with education about the process of treatment is pamphlets, accompanied by a brief session of explanation of their content. The session will last for about 10-20 minutes to ensure that the patient and his/her family understand the disease process, the plan of care, and their role in ensuring that the process of treatment is successful. The patient and his/her family will be able to read the pamphlet and listen to the explanation for the disease from the nurse. The reason for using this method of education is connected with the fact that the patient and his/her family will be able to understand everything from the nurse's explanation (De Melo Ghisi, Abdallah, Grace, Thomas & Oh, 2014). Information in the pamphlet will be used as a reference, and they will be able to refer back to it if they are in doubt about what the nurse is telling them. This plan will also build and sustain the trust between the health workers and the patient and will encourage the cooperation of both the patient and his/her family towards the process of care.

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Speaking about the teaching plan for the patient and his/her family, it should be simple and brief. The simplicity is to encourage their understanding, and its brevity is to ensure that the teaching highlights the main issues to the patient and his/her family avoiding unnecessary time waste (De Melo Ghisi et al., 2014).





3 mins

The nurse introduces him/herself to the patient and creates a rapport

Introduce the multidisciplinary team

2 mins

Explains to the patient the role of each worker, namely the nurse, doctor, pharmacist, and physiotherapist.

Explain the causes of the disease

5 mins

Congestive heart failure is caused by a sedentary lifestyle such as smoking (Scott & Winters, 2015). It is also worsened by the disease of the cardiac muscles that can be caused by hypertension and kidney failure. This results in heart overwork that eventually manifests as heart failure.


5 mins

Left unmanaged, the disease reduces the life quality and eventually causes death (Scott & Winters, 2015). However, the treatment process can promote the function of the heart and prolong the patient's life.

In conclusion, the holistic care approach will benefit Mr. P and will improve his life quality. This approach involves taking care of the patient's needs physically and emotionally during the process of treatment. The treatment plan of Mr. P will involve the nurse, doctor, pharmacist, and physiotherapist who will work as a team to influence the best treatment outcomes. Providing pamphlets about congestive heart failure and conducting face-to-face teaching will educate the patient and his/her family effectively. Teaching the patient about the causes of his/her disease and assuring him/her of the treatment process will be crucial in influencing a good outcome.

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Buy custom Patients With Heart Failure essay paper cheap

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