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Mobile Apps in Nursing

The articles and video inform readers/viewers about useful medical apps for devices driven by iOS and Android that are used in nursing. These mobile applications ensure positive patient outcomes. Such digital assistants allow nurses to have access to updated information at any time and anywhere. Thus, the considered sources provide information about the use of medical mobile applications in nursing that help to give more secure and effective care.

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The articles, video, and slideshow from the list cover a wide range of topics related to medical mobile apps. The article "9 Free Apps Every Nurse Should Download" informs the readers about a list of essential applications such as Medscape, Epocrates, etc. The author states that these apps can help nurses at a workplace (Lost on the Floor, 2013). The video "Medical Terms for Nurses" provides information about an app that allows quickly finding and learn the important terms every nurse should know to pass licensure exams and act at the workplace. The article "Smart Care M - Mobile Records" informs about apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. These apps provide community workers, nurses, paramedics, and doctors with HIPAA-compliant mobile care records. The authors of "The Use of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)" describe the benefits of using modern technology in the healthcare setting. The slideshow "PDAs for Nursing Students: Technology at Your Fingertips" analyzes how the personal digital assistant can be used in education and stresses the advantages of its usage due to portability, time efficiency, and evidence-based decision-making. Thus, these articles, video, and slideshow provide information on different aspects of medical mobile apps and their use in nursing.

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These readings and videos inform the readers/viewers about various technological tools in nursing that are supposed to make healthcare more effective. Generally, there are numerous free medical apps that present relevant information to the medical staff at any time. These apps are available for devices driven by iOS and Android. Having a mobile assistant allows healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality services

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Buy custom Mobile Apps in Nursing essay paper cheap

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