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Euthanasia - is it killing or mercy

Euthanasia is a historical and contemporary issue related to medicine, law, ethics, and religion. It is reflected in a multitude of interconnected concepts and various legislative decisions on this issue all over the world. Thoughts Today, there are both about euthanasia are divided between the proponents and the opponents of euthanasia and three major opinions about it. There are three thoughts about euthanasia in the world. For the first group, it is an ordinary murder; the second one others consider it is a privileged murder. , while the In the third group opinion suggests that euthanasia is, euthanasia is decriminalized, when the prescribed conditions are met (Boudreau & Somerville, 2014). Despite different opinions about euthanasia, this is actually murder, because nobody can kill people; even they cannot do it themselves.

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The term euthanasia comes from the Greek word, which means good death. Under this meaning is the intentional end of human life by stopping the usual and necessary treatment or introducing the substance causing death. Both active and passive euthanasia is considered an evil and immoral act, as well as abortion. Murder is the purposeful killing of a harmless person (Boudreau & Somerville, 2014). The fifth commandment says, Do not kill. Therefore, the deliberate killing of a man is a crime.

Sick People, who are affected by serious diseases, do are not required to tolerate painful treatments, which may even that are worsecomplicate than their present condition, and do give have any hope for improvement and success. People Even under these conditions, it is important to should honor humans' life. However, euthanasia affects the right to life because it may shorten the life (Boudreau & Somerville, 2014). During the Civil War, many warriors died not from wounds, but from the outcomes of the medical intervention, including infections due after amputations. In such cases, the waiver of such funds will not be was not considered euthanasia, because actions, which led to death were not intentional, while healthcare professionals were doing their best to save the life. However, today, with the progress of medicine, the invention of technology, and the improvement of rehabilitation treatment, various procedures can be performed safely and with a positive outcome, including amputation. Patients usually survive and adapt to their abilities, leading normal life even after the critical accident.

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Dying patients are allowed to take as many anesthetics as their bodies can withstand. Such actions can take place while until the dose does not lead to death. Too much morphine can stop breathing, while controlled amounts leave to support the person alive and reduce pain. additionally, addition, the inability of some patients to control the dose for euthanasia adequately does not allow prevents legalizing the procedure (Strinic, 2015)... The release relieving of the dying person from pain is the main task of doctors. Under the proper administration of the drug, the patient can survive without experiencing any negative effects.

The church condemns the so-called murder of mercy. Only God must decide when a person has to leave the earth. Neither the patient nor the doctor or relatives have the right to do so make this decision. Moreover, preserving a dying patient without pain, but with comfort, purity, nutrition until, and the resolution of the natural process of death helps a person to die with dignity. Dying is a natural process that people should respect (Trigilio, 2012). Therefore, any person needs to die naturally, and this principle interferes with euthanasia.

Many modern methods can be used to save human life. The use of the feeding tube and the introduction of tracheotomy are considered the common and acceptable methods. For instance, both were administered to Blessed Pope John Paul II a month before his death and one year after he issued a statement clarifying (Trigilio, 2012). This explains the fact that conventional and common medical care, including warmth, respect, and shelter should be provided to all patients, even those who have a steady vegetative state. Conventional remedies do not mean just natural, but also include medical procedures that are regular and successful.

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The negative consequence of euthanasia is the weakening of the relationship between the physician and the patient. An important fact is important to remember is that a dying patient is not in a position to make rational decisions. For instance, a patient may have said they want euthanasia when they were nowhere near death; however, when faced with death they may change their mind but be incapable of telling anyone (Strinic, 2015). There are examples when Many people recovered from the most after doctors make terrible conclusionsdiagnoses and could live normal lives. There is always a chance to recover and neither doctor healthcare professional can take it away. additionally, addition, terminal patients at the terminal stages of diseases cannot impose immorality on doctors for, such actions as voluntary active euthanasia. After all, the active end of life is murder. That is why doctors cannot actively and terminate human life even if the patient has given his or her consent.

The legislation of most countries equates euthanasia to murder. First, in all Islamic countries, including Iran, guided euthanasia is banned and assimilated to murder. Iran is no exception. Although euthanasia is not explicitly mentioned in the legislation of this countryman, some exceptions are mentioned present, which mitigates the punishment for the killing. Also, euthanasia is considered a killing with intent and comes from the medical doctrine of Muslims. A research conducted among 55 doctors testifies identified their negative attitude to euthanasia. For instance, 98% of them think that euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are a violation of human dignity (Banovic & Turanjanin, 2014). In some states, the decision about the deprivation of life of another person is considered a crime and is punished by imprisonment for a term of at least five years. It is believed that compassion for the poor condition of a patient is not a separate basis for a milder punishment. Based on the above information, the doctor that assisted euthanasia is considered murder. Based on this, therefore, there are no grounds for legitimizing the charity killing even healthcare professionals, who can observe the agony of critically ill patients still do not consider euthanasia as a legal and rational decision.

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In some states, a decision is taken that determines the deprivation of life of another person as a crime and is punishable by imprisonment for a term of at least five years. It is believed that compassion for a poor condition of a patient is not a separate basis for a milder punishment. Based on the above information, the doctor that assisted euthanasia is considered murder.

Euthanasia is a way of killing as no one has the right to take the disposal of the life of another person. Despite the legislative permission for euthanasia in some countries, it is still considered immoral, unethical, and even illegal and; in others, it is considered crimes and punished by law. There are many ways to help a patient to relieve his or her pain. That is why, there is no need to kill an individual regardless of his wish, and life should be rather prolonged than ended.


Buy custom Euthanasia - is it killing or mercy essay paper cheap

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