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Chronic Kidney Failure on Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a chronic disease that adversely impacts different organs and systems in the human body, which is why it required accurate diagnosing and treatment. One of the problems that people may have because of diabetes is kidney failure. Chronic Kidney failure aggravated by diabetes or caused by diabetes is a serious problem as it may endanger the life of a patient. Yet, the knowledge of the correlation between these two conditions is limited; although, the approval of its existence helps healthcare specialists to prevent adverse outcomes in patients. For this reason, the research question of the paper is: How does diabetes contribute to chronic kidney malfunction? 

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The literature analysis of the sources devoted to this problem demonstrates that diabetes is the most frequent cause of kidney malfunction caused by the dysfunction of different body systems associated with glucose and blood pressure levels. At the same time, the analyzed publications reveal that it is possible to prevent the progression of chronic kidney disease in the case patients with diabetes utilize preventive methods of treatment, including the administration of empagliflozin.

Chronic Kidney Failure and Diabetes

The literature review of different sources related to chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetes approve that diabetes is the most common reason for kidney malfunction. For example, the research by Jha et al. (2013) demonstrates that diabetes is the most common cause of CKD as in 93% of cases of mortality caused by CKD, the primary reason was diabetes mellitus. Often CKD is aggravated both to diabetes and hypertension, which create additional pressure on kidneys and significantly decrease their functions (Jha et al., 2013). In the considered article, the scholars analyze and summarize different causes of CKD and approve that diabetes is the most frequent of them. The value of the selected sources for the research is that they enhance the understanding of the health problems that lead to CKD and the place of diabetes among them.

Furthermore, other scholarly articles analyze the most typical diabetes-associated causes of chronic kidney disease and the means for its prevention. The investigation performed by Reidy, Kang, Hostetter & Susztak (2014, p. 22) offers a valuable insight into the molecular mechanisms in the human body leading to what the researchers characterize as Diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Among the enlisted factors, which lead to DKD, many are caused by a diabetic condition of a patient. Such factors include poor glucose control, hyperglycemia-induced metabolic alterations, mitochondrial dysfunction, and malfunction of the utilization of energy by cells that initiate DKD (Reidy et al., 2014). The value of this academic work for the research is that it offers a detailed description of the diabetic factors that induce kidney malfunction.

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The research by Barnett et al. (2014) provides an overview of the means that allow preventing or treating kidney malfunction in diabetic patients. The experts recognize the fact that CKD is often a negative outcome of diabetes mellitus and approve that microvascular and macrovascular complications of diabetes mellitus intensify the progression of CKD (Barnett et al., 2014). At the same time, the article dwells on different factors that allow avoiding the progression of the indicated vascular malfunctions. The research approves that different preventive measures allow saving diabetic patients from the risk of development of CKD and their efficacy increases in the case the patients administer empagliflozin (Barnett et al., 2014). Therefore, the value of this article is that it not only serves as the approval of the existing knowledge of the correlation between CKD and diabetes but also reveals that specific medicines can break or eliminate this connection.

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The performed analysis of scholarly sources devoted to kidney malfunction and diabetes approve the existence of a positive correlation between them as diabetes most frequently leads to kidney dysfunction. The value of the addressed sources for the research is that they analyze the existing correlation deeper and reveal molecular and other mechanisms, which lead to CKD in diabetic patients. Also, these sources discuss the most common and modern ways of preventing kidney malfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus.

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