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Unified Company Culture

Culture is one of the factors that influence employment in the modern era of globalization. It acts as a major challenge to the human resource departments in international companies. Strategic measures are required to integrate various companies' cultures and unify them. Unique company culture drives every employee towards the mission of the business. This paper represents a checklist of the different steps taken to consolidate Electlynk Electrical and Telecommunication and OptiNet cultures into a uniform corporation after their merging.

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Electlynk Electrical and Telecommunication

Electlynk Electrical and Telecommunication is a 21st-century technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is primarily a mobile phone manufacturing firm but has also diversified in other electronic devices such as LED screens and home appliances. Also, it has ventured into the real estate business and assets financing. The company is one of the largest firms in the country, and it employs more than 5000 workers from various parts of the world. Being a cross-cultural employer, the company's human resource department has established strategies to ensure balance and integration among the employees and staff members. It looks forward to merging with OptiNet Corporation which is the largest technology and defense company in Europe. This merger will enable it to diversify into engineering and military technology and reach more clients.

OptiNet Corporation

OptiNet Corporation is a global mobile communication and defense technology business with its headquarters in London, the UK. It has branches all over Europe, Asia, and Africa and seeks to establish markets in the US by merging with the Boston firm Electlynk Electrical and Telecommunication. OptiNet has more than a hundred thousand employees from all parts of the world. It specializes in developing military communication devices, networking services, mobile phones, and drones. The business also ventures in the air transport services with 40 light aircraft, 12 Boeing planes, and an Airbus. OptiNet also owns 8 five star hotels located in Dubai and Kenya. The two companies merge to form Optilyn Tel International.

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The Checklist of Steps to Unify a Merged Company Culture

Optin Tel International requires a definition and development of new unified company culture. The cultural unification process is guided with the help of a step-by-step checklist. The first step is to evaluate the culture in the previous companies before merging and their success (Coleman, 2013). It involves establishing the strengths and weaknesses of the previous businesses and the opportunities available for the new firm. It is necessary to define the critical priorities in the new business such as growth, profitability, global dominance, and customer satisfaction. This phase will enable the company to correct the previous weaknesses and capitalize on the current strengths and opportunities available in the market (Coleman, 2013). For instance, Optilyn Tel International will be in a position to enjoy wide economies of scale after the merge through various specializations and comparative advantage.

Step two involves defining a new vision for the new business. A vision statement is derived from the top priorities of the firm and the objective within a given period (Coleman, 2013). The new vision will be uniform to all the branches and staff members. The Optilyn Tel International employees will work under the guidance of the vision. Also, they have to develop a uniform culture geared towards the achievement of common goals. The large corporation is divided into various departments that deal with the elaboration of products that are different from others; therefore, a guide by a common practice among all the employees drives the business towards success in the global market (Coleman, 2013).

Step three in establishing a unifying culture is to define and consider the expected behavior among the employees of the company. The management of the business should determine the anticipated performance of the workers in creating positive changes within the firm (Guiso, Sapienza, & Zingales, 2015). The behavior also involves how employees should treat each other and the clients of the company. This phase is crucial in ensuring a conducive working environment and customer relations. New standards are set according to the global requirements unlike the local needs of the previous businesses. The behaviors are also exhibited in the organizational values.

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Step four is essential in promoting teamwork in the newly formed company. The company has to build new collaborative teams that include different experts. It involves prioritizing the key strategies that will be used to support the initial goals and vision (Coleman, 2013). For instance, if the firm seeks to inspire growth and diversification, then it has to develop new products such as airplanes and weapons and gain access to new markets. The sales strategies should be redesigned to fit the new environment and also ensure a consistent marketing culture among the stakeholders (Luchs, Swan, & Griffin, 2016).

The fifth step is to engage the teams in identifying the SMART goals of the company (Guiso et al., 2015). Every member of the company is involved in providing feedback and setting plans to achieve each objective and support strategic plans. The purposes are structured to provide the expected behavior and strengthen the shortcoming at each level. For instance, if there was a gap in accountability or after-sale services, the goals should include more disciplined techniques and approaches to develop new habits (Guiso et al., 2015). They ensure that workers also set individual objectives to provide the expected results.

Next is the designing and clarifying measures and tracking the progress of every plan (Luchs et al, 2016). After setting the goals, providing a vision statement, and forming the teams, the management should develop tools to track the progress of each plan. Also, techniques to ensure that all the requirements are met should be developed. This phase is achieved through qualitative and quantitative evaluation techniques.

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The final stages of the process of creating a unifying organizational culture involve management. The seventh step in the plan is to maintain a management system to monitor the priorities and goals (Luchs et al., 2016). Optin Tel International administration teams have to perform maintenance practices. Monitoring the progress involves the employment of supervisors at all levels and initiating customer feedbacks and ratings. Other measurement tools include social and financial evaluation strategies.

The eighth phase of the cultural unification process involves developing a new communication culture and routine. Transparency and interaction between the workers and among the staff members are crucial to show the progress of the priorities (Guiso et al., 2015). It ensures that the employees feel comfortable and become a part of the growth process in the company. The management is entitled to scheduling annual general meetings besides the usual local meetings. These yearly meetings involve all the global representatives of Optilyn Tel International and aim at briefing stakeholders about the current status, progress, expectations, and future projection.

Finally, the company should establish motivational and punishment techniques. The reward systems celebrate and share the joy of the firm's progress. On the other hand, discipline aims at rectifying unacceptable behavior among members of the organization (Guiso et al., 2015).

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Optin Tel International is a global technology company that seeks to develop a unifying organizational culture from the former businesses. The step-by-step process of establishing a new culture is important for the achievement of the goals stated by merging Electlynk Electrical and Telecommunication and OptiNet. The strategic plan supports the accomplishment of the organization's objectives and working towards the vision of the business. The leaders of Optilyn Tel International should view it not only as an opportunity for growth but as a platform to withstand the stiff competition in the evolving technology sector.

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Buy custom HRM: Unified Company Culture essay paper cheap

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