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HRM Training Session

According to most studies, training is the most effective way to acquire skill as it is relatively short, but at the same time, intense. Many companies use training to raise the qualification level of their employees. For a training session to be successful, it has to feature determined objectives and be structured as well as adjusted to different learning styles. The success of a session depends on both a training designer and a trainer. This paper covers issues of designing a training session, adjusting it to different learning styles, maximizing the transfer of training techniques, and incorporating design theories.

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The base of any training session is formulating clear training objectives that are the result of learning. Using training objectives, trainees can easily focus on what they are learning and what is determined to be the outcome of the session. These objectives are not only useful for the trainees, but also the training designer as well as the trainer. The training designer focuses on the objectives of the skills to be presented during a training session, and the trainer follows them in the training session for maximum benefits. Training objectives allow planning training time carefully to make the session effective. Objectives also provide the possibility to find suitable learning materials. Having such objectives is also useful in acquiring an understanding of whether or not the general goal of training has been accomplished.

However, training goals and objectives are not the same things. The training goal describes the skill that the trainee will possess after accomplishing the training session. On the other hand, the objectives are developed to achieve the goal of training (Williams, 2004). Every training goal has multiple objectives. Specifically, this training session has the following goal: the trainee will be able to write an essay expressing their own thoughts on any theme. It describes the desirable outcome; that is, the skill the trainee will acquire after the training session is completed. Learning objectives are determined by the goal and are dependent upon it. Learning objectives for this training session are:

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  • ability to express thoughts in the essay;
  • ability to structure the thought and present it in a clear and competent form;
  • ability to find arguments for and against any given thesis based on life experience.

The goal seems to be centralized on giving the trainee only one skill to write an essay; however, the objectives are focused on multiple skills that the trainees will possess after completing the session. These newly possessed skills will provide the trainees the ability to participate in a discussion, concentrate on the purpose of their work, and express themselves.

Different learning styles possess different strengths, and an effective training session has to address each of these styles. The trainees, who possess different learning styles, have to be addressed individually. The designer must consider this aspect while developing a training session. Therefore, the success of the training depends greatly on whether or not it is adjusted to different learning styles.

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A training session can be held live or online. The live training session will be tailored to fit into the learning styles in the following way:

  • schemes and images for visual learning style;
  • a lecture and a discussion for auditory learning style;
  • notes on the blackboard for reading & write learning style;
  • handouts and practical assignments for kinesthetic learning style.

If the training session is provided online, it should feature all these traits. Additionally, an online training session needs to have an audio lecture for the trainees who have the auditory learning style.

The overall view of a live training session should include the following: a trainer who provides a lecture supporting his words with schemes, images, and short notes; practice activities that include filling in an essay form with introduction, arguments, and conclusion; and finally, the process of writing a new essay.

An online training session, designed as a PowerPoint presentation, features an audio lecture; each slide has a short version of the audio presentation accompanying it. Practice activity involves the submission of the essay to the trainer, who will correct it and return it to the student with remarks and corrections.

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Transfer of training is an important part of any training experience. To maximize the transfer of training, a session has to emphasize how the provided skills are necessary for every aspect of life. For example, writing a good, well-structured essay with coherent grammar may seem like a skill only useful for students. On the other hand, presenting individuals' thoughts in the form of an essay helps to concentrate, to structure thought, to find arguments, and make a conclusion. Therefore, transfer of training is maximized if a newly possessed skill can be applied both at the trainee's workplace and in everyday life.

Training design theories help to create an effective training session or course. Social learning theory is the most common (Blanchard & Thacker, 2012). Firstly, learning materials have to be retaining and easy to focus on. To achieve it, this training session will have short notes, use simple words, and feature vivid, remarkable examples.

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Secondly, an important part of training is behavioral reproduction. This trainings reproduction is an essay activity, which enables trainees to apply their new skills. For example, by writing two essays, one with a template and one in a free form, the trainee may develop a better understanding of how to structure their writing. They will also be able to realize how important the choice of words is, and how to gain the balance between their thinking and expressions. Thirdly, the theory deals with reinforcement. Although the reinforcement happens after the training, the trainer has to make sure it will happen and provide the basics for it. To do so, the trainer may emphasize particular points that have to be reinforced.

In conclusion, any training session should be designed around the set goals and objectives. While designing the session, the designer has to focus on making beneficial learning materials and activities and to make sure to provide the basics for reinforcement. The goal of the training session designer is to make their training useful and adjusted to all the learning types.

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Buy custom Training Session in HRM essay paper cheap

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