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The Problem of Employee Turnover

The main potential of any organization is personnel. Moreover, it is the major company's resource. Hardly anyone would argue that turnover negatively affects the work of the firm, does not form a team, and hence corporate spirit that leads to lower production performance and poor efficiency. Employee turnover means the movement of labor due to staff dissatisfaction at the workplace and the establishment, or as a result of the corporate complaint against a particular employee. Today turnover is one of many problems encountered by modern organizations; therefore, only the well-chosen permanent workgroup can respond to the challenges facing the company.

It should be noted that there are some causes for employee turnover. One can distinguish between organizational and individual causes. The former include the following: low wages, overtime and weekend job, poor staff recruitment. Sometimes the desire of recruiters to fill a vacancy as quickly as possible can lead to hiring an unsuitable employee. For example, during the staff recruitment, the applicant did not receive full information about the position and subsequently, his/her expectations were not justified. Of course, money is not a root cause of turnover but people often think that they have the prospect of getting better salaries elsewhere. Then employees decide to quit.

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Nevertheless, there are also individual causes for employee turnover. For instance, bad relationships in a team or dissatisfaction with the administration and its attitude. Furthermore, this may be personal dislike and disagreement with the methods of management. Conflicts can arise in the team. Staff turnover is high in the environment with poor communication and a badly devised system of rewards. In such conditions, workers feel undervalued, ignored, helpless, and insignificant. The task of a good leader is to resolve a conflict as soon as possible and to provide employees with work. The personnel should feel that something really depends on their activities. Also, the lack of career and professional development can induce employee turnover. If employees do not see opportunities for career growth within the organization, discontent with the profession and the desire to change their specialty encourage them to seek a new position in another company. One more cause for employee turnover involves some family problems. Turnover is particularly specific for women who have family duties and work at the same time. Certain females decide to quit their jobs before childbirth and devote themselves to rearing children.

To avoid high employee turnover, recruiters should hire those people whose values, principles, and goals coincide with the corporate objectives. At the selection stage, the task of recruiters is to provide job seekers with maximum information about work and the employer. The possibility of promotion is also an important factor. Employees are not interested in holding the same post almost all their life. Moreover, favorable working conditions, a good team and fringe benefits (bonuses, paid vacation, free health insurance, a company car) are of great significance. An employer should not force the staff to work overtime or at weekends. For most employees, it is essential to have a rest.

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Additionally, the impact on hospitality providers is substantial. It can lead to lower customer satisfaction and a productivity crisis. An efficient service depends on the skills and awareness of the personnel. If the number of workers who want to leave their job grows, there will be no competent workers.

In conclusion, one can state that high employee turnover affects the productivity of not only those staff members who are going to quit but also of those who continue working. As a result, an organization cannot build an effective working team.

Buy custom What Are Organizational Causes for Employee Turnover essay paper cheap

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