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Onboarding is a process designed to assist newly hired employees in adjusting to their jobs performance and social aspects to quickly become productive and contribute towards the goals of the organization. According to Bauer (2010), more than 25% of America's population annually experiences some form of career transition, and most people are not successful in this process. To some extent, the cause of this trend consists of poor onboarding. The current essay outlines the irreplaceability of the onboarding process when acclimatizing employees to their new environment and in a global environment. Furthermore, it recognizes the connection and culture as the most critical elements of onboarding.

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Although the components of onboarding programs vary across different organizations, the process is basically composed of four distinct levels. At the compliance level, which is the lowest, employees familiarize themselves with the basic policy as well as legal-related regulations and rules. This part of the process enables workers to avoid undesirable legal or policy implications as they perform their work (Bauer, 2010). Another stage is clarification, in which employees are ensured to develop a good understanding of their new jobs with all related expectations. This procedure is intended to improve their performance. Thirdly, at the culture level, employees are provided with a sense of both the formal and informal organizational norms so that they acclimatize with their new employer. Lastly, the connection element allows the employees to establish vital information networks and interpersonal relationships that are necessary for their job (Bauer, 2010).

In settling on the most suitable onboarding approach for a given firm, human resource managers can consider the two broad onboarding categories, namely informal and formal. The latter consists of a documented set of coordinated procedures and policies to be used in helping new employees adjust to their job including the tasks they will be assigned and the socialization process (Bauer, 2010). On the other hand, informal onboarding enables newcomers to learn the specifications of their job without following a clearly stipulated organizational plan. Notably, it may be important for the two approaches to be combined to achieve the best outcomes (Bauer, 2010).

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In my view, the most critical elements of onboarding in the global environment comprise culture and connection. The global workplace is characterized by employees and other stakeholders having diverse backgrounds. The above mentioned implies that only the organizational culture unites them for achieving a common goal. Without a good understanding of the organizational norms, it is easy for employees to function as fragments but not as members of one organizational team (Upadhyay, 2007). Moreover, the global business environment provides opportunities for businesses to thrive and expand into new areas. As they expand, the employees need to be well equipped with the organizational culture knowledge to avoid being isolated in their remote workplaces. On the other hand, connection enables employees to establish networks and relationships that are necessary when working in the expansive global environment, especially when venturing into new territories and markets. By being able to connect with others, new employees are in a position to fulfill tasks assigned to them smoothly and be able to achieve the set objectives (Upadhyay, 2007).

In conclusion, onboarding is the process that introduces employees to their new job and enables them to adjust fast enough to contribute towards the organizational objectives. In this regard, the process should be given adequate attention using an approach that best suits a specific organization and job position taken. If conducted well, onboarding helps prevent situations in which employees fail to prove their ability and performance within the expected time frame.

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