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Human Resource Marketing Manager

The current paper analyzes the position of advertising and marketing manager. The information regarding this position has been obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. This government site has up-to-date information regarding the fastest-growing occupations in all sectors of the economy including hospitality. Information on work activities for an advertising and marketing manager that will be included in the assessment will be on the ability of the position holder to conduct research, create awareness, promote the institution with its products and services, enhance customer relationships and be the liaison officer between a hotel/restaurant and the external world. The information on advertising tools that will need to be collected includes the use of samples, coupons, packages, and patronage rewards. Another tool is the media with its different channels of advertisements, for instance, radio, magazines, direct mail, newspaper, and the Internet.

The important characteristics of the position holder that will have to be determined include creativity, ability to plan, to maintain the support of all stakeholders, to supervise, forecast, direct, and coordinate various activities. Other important characteristics include business acumen, client/customer focus, leadership, results-driven, presentation skills, strategic thinking, technical ability, as well as problem-solving and analysis. This information will be collected through research online, observation, interviews, and reading relevant articles. The information for this analysis was obtained from DHi Hcareers (, a reliable recruitment site with job openings for nearly all the jobs for hospitality practitioners. The person who was interviewed to get the right perspective for the position chosen for this assignment was Christina Donelson, the Senior Vice President of Human Resources responsible for human resources functions at Pinnacle Entertainment. This lady was chosen because of her direct involvement will all human resources issues. She was also significant because she oversees the designing of job advertisements for various positions that are vacant in the entertainment joint.

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 Developing Job Task Analysis, Description, and Specifications

a. Job Task Analysis for Advertising and Marketing Manager

From the interview with Donelson, the vice president of human resources at Pinnacle Entertainment, it became apparent that a marketing and advertising manager in the hospitality industry has the responsibility of maximizing revenues through programs that can increase occupancy and expand the profitable use of accommodation, leisure, and meeting facilities. An individual holding such a position is supposed to be aware always of the factors influencing the hotel industry to gain a deep understanding of customers’ attitudes and needs. A marketing manager in the hotel industry is supposed to coordinate and promote activities that meet customer needs and also work closely with hotel staff to satisfy customers while at the facility.

A marketing manager is responsible for conducting research. Some customers choose hotels based on location; accessibility to rail, air, or road travel; meeting facilities; reputation for hospitality; and pricing. A marketing manager must be able to discover the factors that shape his or her hotel’s attractiveness to customers. An officeholder is supposed to continually review hotel websites or other booking sites to know the strengths and weaknesses of his or her hotel. In his or her research, a manager could focus on monitoring customer reviews, speaking to guests or making follow-up calls, and reviewing the industry trends that can affect the facility.

Also, an advertising and marketing manager must make it possible to find with ease the information about the facility. A manager has to ensure that the website has updated guest information, hotel facilities, rates, location, and travel with information that is crucial for event organizers. Posting facility details on online booking sites and destination websites are important activities in reaching target clients. Collaborating with other venues to offer accommodations and meeting services can give a chance for accessing potential customers.

An advertising and marketing manager is responsible for promoting the facility. Promotion is an essential aspect of hotel marketing. Occupancy needs to be increased during the times of the year when bookings are low. Therefore, a marketing manager can organize activities such as gourmet weekends. He or she can also offer incentives to attract more guests. If a hotel has conference rooms, such rooms would still need to be filled. A manager can offer the facility to local businesses for short-time use. A marketing manager must always seek ways of attracting local and foreign people to the facility.

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A manager is responsible for promoting customer relationships since a stable revenue base as well as high levels of business requires strong business relationships. A loyalty program for that is rewarding benefits hotel facilities and customers as well. Programs can be targeted at individual guests or corporate customers requiring the facilities. As a liaison officer, a marketing manager is supposed to work closely with other members of the management team to recognize marketing priorities.

b. 25 Job Duties/Tasks

Job Title: Advertising and Marketing Manager Supervises: Marketing department staff

Job Code: AMM/01/2016 FLSA:

Department: Marketing Effective Date: June 1, 2016

Job Summary

An advertising and marketing manager will be responsible for marketing planning, its implementation, and monitoring including coordination of special events, direct mail, entertainment, and advertising.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Overseeing the coordination and execution of the facility’s entertainment contracts

2. Communicating with all departments regarding promotions, special events, entertainment, and advertisement

3. Responsible for administrative tasks such as signing contracts

4. Controlling the execution of budgets in the marketing department

5. Making sound decisions and assisting guests

6. Responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring the marketing department’s guidelines, objectives, and standards

7. Ensuring that equipment is maintained properly

8. Obtaining consumer marketing plans

9. Ensuring that employees are adequately trained and imparted skills they require to perform their job functions.

10. Reviewing complementaries and ensuring proper usage.

Reports to: Marketing Director

1) Develops, implements, and monitors departmental guidelines, standards, and objectives and maintains other administrative processes including staffing and budget for proper planning and efficient operation of the department.

2) Hires, evaluates, and manages staff to ensure that members of the team are adequately guided and provided with resources to achieve established objectives.

3) Responsible for boosting the morale of members of the department through supervision and training, and also trains all departmental personnel to meet customer service standards.

4) Manages short and long-term planning for all the consumer marketing departments, which include: product analysis, program effectiveness, market opportunities, and developing strategies to promote an adequate level of guest satisfaction as well as attainment of established goals for achieving market share objectives.

5) Initiates and maintains consumer marketing standards, procedures, objectives, and budgets according to corporate policy to enhance proper management of departments.

6) Oversees the management of agency creative and production functions necessary for property development to support operational areas.

7) Develops and oversees all advertising together with outside agencies as a way of promoting the facility and its activities and ensuring consistency with marketing strategies, policies, and goals.

8) Works closely with a service center in the implementation and evaluation of media plans as well as all other property marketing expenditures to ensure the effectiveness of the program; implements improvements according to the performance of the facility.

9) Organizes meetings where he or she communicates with staff together with other departments to enhance planning and fulfilling of special promotional needs, for instance, parties.

10) Directs clerical duties, which are associated with promotions or special events, including arranging appointments, maintaining records and files.

11) Communicates goals to facilitate promotional programs

12) Responsible for the development and execution of promotional and creative solutions as the response for competitive issues as well as challenges

13) Works in consultation with marketing director in developing strategies and plans for evaluating customers.

14) Distributes promotional gifts and coupons.

15) Determines the supplies that are necessary for special events to enhance timely procurement of the necessary parts and par inventories are maintained; coordinates maintenance and upkeep of equipment for proper operation.

16) Creates an atmosphere that makes guests choose the facility as their place of choice; responsible for building and retaining customer relations and mentoring employees to provide superior services.

17) Conducts research, analyzes, understands, and acts on information about the business environment to manage effectively areas of responsibility.

18) Shares experience in various computer applications like generating Excel worksheets as well as a word document.

19) Meets key clients and assists sales representatives to maintain relationships, negotiate and close deals.

20) Reviews and analyzes sales performance against quotes, programs, and plans of projected client expansion.

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21) Responsible for administrative tasks such as generating contracts, checking requests, identifying certificates and mailing the certificates, filling food coupons; coordinates and files photos released as necessary.

22) Maintains and keeps facility signage and displays.

23) Ensures that all employees in his or her department are adequately trained, and have the skills and resources that enable them to properly execute their duties.

24) Maintains effective communication with all the stakeholders.

25) Observes and direct the actions of subordinates under him or her.

c. Job Specifications


1. Knowledge of planning, strategic marketing, project, and organizational tracking;

2. Knowledge of regional geographic market that the facility will attract;

3. Knowledge of the budgeting process, financial statements, basic accounting principles, corporate facility-specific policies, and procedures.

Skills and abilities

1. Ability to communicate proficiently

2. Presentation skills

3. Ability to analyze and solve problems

4. Technical capacity

Personality and Other Characteristics

1. A candidate to be considered will need to show the flexibility of engaging their hands and feet.

2. A candidate should be able to travel locally during the business day, but should also be ready for overnight travel.

3. Have understood how media technically operates, able to advertise, carry out research, promote, and maintain public relations.

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Work History

1. Five years of related work experience with progressive management.

2. A candidate must have worked in a four-star or five-star hotel as a marketing manager.


1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, communications, or public relations; a candidate with an equivalent number of years of experience will be considered.

2. Candidates with a Master’s degree in Business Administration will be added advantage

Duties and Responsibilities

Section 2: Recruitment, Selection Hiring Process, and Tools

Sources for candidates for the position of Marketing and advertising manager

Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics

The first source is the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States Department of Labor. This government department has a website with all the job postings. This is an external source with recruitment information for all the members of the public.

Advantages of the Site

The advantage of this department is that it provides verified information, so any job posting is trustable. The department lists different jobs according to categories or groups, date of posting, and entry-level education. It also has browse options for highest paying jobs, projected jobs, and frequently asked questions to guide in the job search. Being a public utility, the department receives many job applications for the various posts advertised and also for jobs projected. Such applications can be stored in a curriculum vitae data bank from where recruiters can choose the candidates who fit their job requirements.

Negative Aspects of the Site

The main negative aspect of selecting this site is that it receives many job applications, which may be very difficult to review effectively. A human resource (HR) manager may not be able to peruse through all the job applications. Consequently, HR may end up missing the best candidate for the position advertised. The other negative aspect of the site is its partitioning of the website into many categories. The different categories may be difficult to explore, particularly, for someone who is not proficient in online searches. For instance, completing a search with the major requirements all at once may not be easy using the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

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Source: O*NET OnLine

This site has a section for advertising hospitality jobs. In the search, an individual can enter key search terms for jobs they want or use code, which makes the search easier. The search can be refined further by selecting a career cluster and industry. The industry section has options for posting occupations that are considered as a part of a given industry based on employment.

This source has many advantages because the different sections make it easier to either post or conduct a search for a given job. An HR knows where to post a given job while job seekers also know the specific section to direct their search. The link between job posting and search creates convenience and minimizes time-wasting.

The second advantage of the site is that it is online. Therefore, it can be accessed by many potential job seekers. In that way, an HR manager can have a pool of candidates from which to select the best candidate. Besides, an HR manager can restrict candidates he or she wants through options such as several years of experience.

Negative Aspect of the Site

The site can be very difficult to navigate for people who are not proficient in using computers. Many notable sections require keen navigation of sites, and it can be a challenging task. Therefore, for anyone to access and obtain information from the site, he or she must be computer literate. Consequently, many people can be barred from accessing the information.


This site has jobs that are specific to the hospitality industry only. Being a specialized site, seeking or posting information is not difficult because an HR manager knows exactly where to post while job seekers also know that the jobs advertised are not for other industries in which they might not be interested. There are also featured employers that a job seeker may have an interest in.


The site is interactive and self-directed. The job search cannot be difficult because HR managers know where to post while job seekers also know where to direct his or her search. A job seeker gets the opportunity to choose the job that best suits him or her and avoid what is not appropriate. The other advantage of the site is that being an online site, it can attract many candidates. Many people go through online sites as they check for different job openings, is one of such sites.

Negative Aspect

The negative aspect of this site is that it is restricted mostly to the United States and a few other European nations. It has a limited scope of employers and employees that it can reach. This can deny many potential candidates the opportunity to apply for vacancies that they qualify for.

Source: Global Hospitality

It is a hospitality site that is viewed globally. It is instrumental in the identification, evaluation, and hiring of talent within the industry. The group places different levels of management in the hospitality industry. Recruiters have clients in every part of the world including the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Australia, and Canada.


This group has experienced consultants who can identify suitable candidates from where an HR manager can pick the best candidate. Candidates can be selected from various parts of the world and placed where they can work conveniently. Before the group recruits, it first understands business goals, specific job requirements, and a company’s culture. This has enabled the group to present the exact professional that a given company requires. An HR manager can benefit from the confidentiality, discretion, and trust promoted by the group.

Negative Aspect

Just as in the other online groups, a job seeker and an HR manager posting must be computer literate, particularly in Internet searches. This may lock out potential candidates who are not aware of the site, or those who cannot use the Internet proficiently.

Source: Hospitality Online, Inc.

The recruitment platform is considered an all-inclusive hub that streamlines employers’ recruiting processes. The platform has a system for tracking applications for both an employer and a candidate. The group notes that it has a sophisticated platform that allows an employer to attract the best candidates.


The platform allows employers to streamline their recruiting process as well as to optimize their online presence. The recruiting tools are designed to meet employers’ specific needs. Therefore, employers often have the chance to choose what is best for them to attract the types of candidates that they want.

Negative Aspect

The group requires that anyone who wishes to use resources from the site must first all sign-up. Not everyone would want to have an account with the group; apparently, some candidates only want to view job openings without registering. However, on this site, any candidate who does not register cannot apply for vacant positions.

The Ten Interview Questions

1. Describe yourself.

2. What makes you the best candidate for this job?

3. How do you combine your academic knowledge with skills and experiences in the execution of your duties?

4. What are some of the projects that you have executed successfully before?

5. What factors motivate you to work?

6. Have you ever failed in your tasks, and how do you deal with failed objectives?

7. How much would you want us to pay you?

8. The fortunes of our hotel have been dwindling in the past, how will you promote the hotel to attract more clients?

9. If you were considered for the position, how soon would you take up the job?

10. What would you tell this panel as a closing remark?

Buy custom Human Resource Marketing Manager essay paper cheap

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