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Managing the New Workforce

The workforce is not stable and every generation has its own peculiarities in terms of working. Therefore, every manager should know how to manage the new workforce efficiently.

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Generation X is being replaced by Millennials, or so-called Generation Y. This new one has some peculiarities that should be considered to manage it. The new generation is used to computers, cell phones, and other electronics. Millennials are adapted to the world that is changing quickly. They like to have choices and do not like when somebody makes a choice instead of them (Burgess, 2008).

Millennials have some important features that should be kept in mind by their managers. Generation Y is less loyal to their company than the previous one. When they find a company to work for, they usually do not expect they to continue working there for a long time. Millennials will easily move to another company even for little benefits. As they paid much for education, they want a job that compensates their payments quickly with high wages and benefits. Therefore, managers should try to provide the best conditions among all competitors to keep Millennials within the company (Burgess, 2008).

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One more important feature of Generation Y employees is that they cannot be called workaholics and do not like too strict schedules. Millennials represent the first generation that was grown with so many electronic devices. They are people who cannot imagine their lives without devices. At work, they need devices, as well. Millennials do not understand why the work should be done manually if it can be done with the help of devices. They use devices regularly to make their work more efficient. They like doing everything fast. Therefore, managers should keep this feature in mind and use it to increase efficiency at work. They should allow Millennials to use different devices at work regularly (Burgess, 2008).

The new workforce requires some skills and features from leaders to manage employees properly and make their work more efficient. First, managers should always be engaged. They should know properly what their employees do to manage them efficiently. For example, managers should have regular meetings with their managers. If new generation employees see that managers understand their tasks, they usually work better. Real-time feedback and constructive criticism can help to motivate the new generation for better work. Second, managers should set clear goals and expectations for their workers. Modern employees do not like routine work, when you ask something but do not understand properly why you do it. If they know the goals, they are likely to work better because they understand their purpose (Dixon, 2012).

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Third, managers should appreciate the mobility of the modern workforce. In our days, more and more people turn to remote work or flexible schedules. Therefore, managers should allow, if possible, to be remote employees or having flexible schedules. Such an approach is likely to increase productivity as well. Finally, a good manager should be a connector. Modern employees like being connected; therefore, they should have meetings regularly and be engaged to enter different organizations and communities. When connected, the new workforce is likely to work better because people combine their efforts to reach a common goal (Dixon, 2012).

In conclusion, the new workforce has some personal features that were not typical for previous generations. Millennials are very flexible, like clear goals, and prefer using devices to do their work faster. Leaders should study those features and use them in their management. It can help to make the performance of the new workforce and the whole company more efficient.

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Buy custom Managing The New Workforce essay paper cheap

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