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Recruiting and Interviews

Recruiting is vital for any organization, as it helps the firm hire qualified employees who will help it reach its goals. There are different types and ways to recruit staff, and firms should select them depending on the type of work, tasks, and other conditions. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruiting will be investigated. Also, the paper will cover the benefits and drawbacks of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured interviews.

If the company chooses internal recruiting to find new employees, it means that the new staff members are not hired from outside the company. The organization focuses on employees who already work with it and promotes them to new positions. Internal recruitment has some important advantages for organizations. Due to such practices, employees become loyal to the organization, as they feel it takes care of and values them. Thus, the employees feel that good work is rewarded with better positions within the same organization. Moreover, internal recruitment is relatively cheap for companies, because they do not have to spend money and time on finding new employees and training them, as well as on adapting them to new working conditions. For managers, internal recruitment is beneficial, because they know their employees well, unlike new candidates. Thus, managers can easily select who of their employees can be promoted, to what positions, and how to train them to prepare for new jobs. However, internal recruitment has some disadvantages. The employees of the company may not be professional enough to take all the new positions it creates. Thus, internal recruitment is possible only for some new positions, especially the ones that require only skills and knowledge that are possessed by the current employees. Modern ways of internal recruitment include different training programs for employees, such as the ones provided with the help of modern technologies.

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Under external recruitment, new staff is hired for new jobs from the labor market, which means that they have not worked with the organization yet. Such type of recruiting has many advantages. It allows organizations to find new employees with new skills that are not possessed by the individuals who currently work there. Thus, employees from the labor market can take new positions that require new knowledge. Fresh ideas of new candidates and experience obtained previously can be useful and help the organization become competitive in the market. At the same time, external recruiting has some drawbacks. It may discourage existing employees from working efficiently, because they may think that their efforts are not valued. Also, external recruitment requires time and costs to train and adapt to new employees. Modern ways to recruit employees in the labor market include using the Internet and social networks, direct recruiting, employment agencies, etc.

To hire employees, firms can implement structured, unstructured, and semi-structured interview types. Structured interviews are based on standardized questions that are limited in possible answers. They are simple and can be made quickly. However, limited questions and answers are disadvantages of this interview type. Unstructured interviews are more flexible, as questions can vary depending on the person interviewed and a particular situation. The benefits of such an interview type are in adaptability to each situation, but the analysis and interpretation of the results of such interviews are quite complicated. Finally, it is possible to use semi-structured interviews in recruitment, and they combine the features of both previous interview types. To recruit employees, all types of interviews can be considered. Managers should analyze the particular situation and employee and apply the interview type that is the most suitable.

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Buy custom Interviews 2 Recruiting essay paper cheap

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