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Influences on Personality Development

In the world of business, managers are willing to use different types of interviews to find a perfect match among candidates who can become effective employees. Companies tend to adhere to the surrounding environment with a myriad of economic and social changes that may require various accommodations in the hiring process. It is necessary to choose the most appropriate interview type to fill the company with reliable professionals and high potential employees to achieve impressive results in daily performance. After reviewing the basic types of interviews, it became obvious that the behavioral description interview is the most reliable way to assess applicants' experience, skills, and abilities with further investigation of personality traits.

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Different Types of Interviews

A non-directive interview is a type of conversation when the interviewer asks broad questions about business performance. This requires an applicant to lead a dialogue and express personal opinions regarding different work-related cases. In its turn, a structured interview implies using specific close-ended questions requiring applicants to choose between fixed amounts of answers. It is necessary for further statistical analysis of several interviews. The situational interview implies asking a candidate questions about what may happen in the workplace and what decisions should be taken to solve the issue (Miller, Catt & Slocombe, 2014). The behavioral description interview uses a similar theoretical background. However, it analyzes candidates' experience and decisions in past situations. Panel and sequential interviews focus on asking several applicants questions in groups or separately. This emphasizes interaction with others. It is the only type of interview involving asking several applicants at once. Phone, video, and computer-based interviews save time for both interviewer and interviewee while asking questions with the help of the phone, video programs, or by sending PDF files with questions (Raccanello, 2015).

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Reasons for Choosing the Behavioral Description Interview

After reviewing the most common types of employment interviews, I would choose a behavioral description interview to conduct a brief analysis of the candidate's experience, skills, and abilities that can be transferred and improved in the workplace. This type of interview provides an overview of the applicant's behavioral patterns, which describe his or her character traits. Specific work situations from the past show whether the person is ready for the new job position with specific duties and responsibilities (Snell & Bohlander, 2013). Asking questions about work experience helps identify possible solutions, which an individual can take to solve the issue. Behavioral interview questions focus on situations that can make an interviewee feel uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it is a reliable way to understand the applicant's actions if he or she faces unpredictable situations or complex dilemmas. Also, this type of interviewing goes beyond the borders of learning about strengths and weaknesses and helps assess the way an applicant can mobilize personal skills and needs while acting in terms of business pressure. Finally, it is a reliable way to see the approaches used by the interviewee in both routine activity and challenging situations.

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A brief overview of various types of interviews showed the importance of choosing the behavioral description interview as one of the most effective ways to analyze the candidate's experience. Experience is a valuable piece of information, which reveals the applicant's ability to act in similar situations in the new workplace. After asking about the most challenging aspects of previous work experience and learning more about the candidate's behavioral patterns, it becomes possible to predict the outcomes of hiring a particular individual.

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Buy custom Influences on Personality Development essay paper cheap

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