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Organizations often underestimate the importance of job satisfaction. The majority is convinced that, for example, good salary and convenient location are crucial elements for workers. However, customer service may decline, even if employees seem devoted and responsible. This paper is dedicated to the questions addressing human resources management.

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The decision to wear a smart-watch may be useful depending on the previous working atmosphere in the company. In case employers had managed to build trust with their subordinates before introducing the watches, they may solve only additional problems because the most significant ones had been already resolved. However, if trust in the organization never existed, the smart-watch may only create another problem. For example, in my organization, all employees feel free to talk about their difficulties at work with the managers. Thus, they would agree to wear such a watch to improve their conditions without constantly distracting their leaders.

All modern companies intend to build trust inside of their corporate culture to improve performance and become more effective (Callaway, 2006). They realize that people spend most of their time at work, and, thus, they must be happy to work in a pleasant environment. In my workplace, the workers feel secured, but often they may be too shy to pay too much attention to their worries about work. Consequently, smart-watches in our company would improve our people's well-being. Besides, our organization as well as the majority of other progressive firms concentrates too much on its growth and profits (Martin, 2010). Nevertheless, one should understand that job satisfaction is directly linked to the level of sales and customer loyalty.

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On the other hand, wearing smart-watches raises many ethical questions such as employees' privacy. The workers may understand that this procedure is for their benefit, but they still cannot predict the results. For this reason, employers must conclude the contract that describes the positive and negative sides of such a decision as well as gives protection to the subordinate's privacy. The smart-watch is a good solution, but it must be made gradually and thoughtfully.

The process of globalization has led to many issues associated with discrimination (Snell & Bohlander, 2012). For instance, our workers must cooperate with people who have different cultural and religious backgrounds. They think that diversity at their workplace is for the best, but, on the other hand, it may create many difficulties. For this reason, smart-watches must show that none of the workers is discriminated against or feel suppressed, which contributes to the implementation of equality and fairness.

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The corporate culture may look comfortable and effective, but it does not mean that all workers perceive it in the same way. All people have a different character, and, thus, some employees may feel unhappy, but too shy to admit it. My co-workers intend to be friendly with all colleagues, but they do not carry responsibility for other workers' happiness. Nevertheless, the employees in my company find the smart-watch idea brilliant for leveraging diversity in their workplace. They are convinced that all people deserve equal rights to show their necessities and concerns at work, even if they are afraid to talk about them directly.

To conclude, the introduction of smart-watches is perfect for my company that undergoes many changes in the period of globalization. They can make people happier, which is crucial for the harmonic growth of the company. However, the innovation must not break the trust between the employees, because it may destroy workers' privacy. For this reason, managers should not deem that these watches will solve all company's problems. They must carry responsibility for every decision they make. As a result, they must consider the watch only as an additional effort for the well-being of their subordinates.

Buy custom Human Resources Management essay paper cheap

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