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Human Resource Management Questions

Question 1: The different steps of the selection process include

1. Preliminary reception of applicants

2. Applicant screening

3. Administration of employment tests

4. Employment interviews

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The job in question needs some selection process before making hiring decisions. The first process, which is the reception of applicants, is necessary to screen the applicants based on their willingness and capability to work in this position. It is based on the fact that the position will mostly provide online customer services.

Also, the reception helps in attracting the right talent. Rao explains that a company is known due to the people that it employs and a company has to use its abilities to attract the best employees from the labor market. Therefore, the stage of reception is needed to create a positive impression on the applicants. The company should make sure that applicants are met with a lot of courtesy and that employment possibilities are presented in the best and honest manners (Rao, 2007).

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The applicant screening will also be necessary since it helps in making sure that employees will work responsibly (Huang & Cappelli, 2010). Also, the job in question needs some desirable capabilities about customer interaction such as proper communication and personality, and this calls for the detailed applicant screening. Applicant screening will also help the company to cut costs, especially those related to the hiring process. This is because only qualified candidates are allowed through this process (Gatewood, Field & Barrick, 2015).

The online graphic design work also needs the administration of employment tests to match an applicant with the requirements of the job. Some of the tests that are needed for this position include intelligence tests and other similar tests. Since the job is demanding and requires a low amount of absenteeism, tests to predict such behaviors should be done (Dessler, 2000).

In short, these tests help to understand the applicant more than other tests since the test tends to go deeper. Also, some tests, especially psychological test helps in surveying the applicant in a deeper way to understand the most crucial matters about the job (Daft, 2016). For example, for this position, personality tests are needed since some personality tests reveal long-lasting applicant characteristics, as explained by Meinert (2015) they are necessary for performing this type of work. Also, personality tests will help to compare different applicants, especially when skills tend to match or the applicants are competitive in nature (Meinert, 2015).

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The job also requires employment interviews aimed at selecting the best applicants for this position. This is based on the demanding requirements of this position and the type of customer engagement needed. The interviews are competency-led and are good in choosing the best candidates for different positions. Interviews for this job will also help in understanding the applicant's age, race, disabilities, religion, criminal record, educational experience, and marital status as explained by Daft (2016). All these are important aspects of performing an online job. For example, religion and race can be used to hire applicants to deal with customers from a certain culture based on his/her understanding. Structured interviews, on the other hand, are important for hiring since they help in understanding the applicant's behaviors while panel interviews will help in testing the applicant's abilities about the position.

Question 2: Example Interview Questions

1. What made you decide to apply for this position?

2. Was computer-related subjects among your favorites? (closed-ended question).

3. How will you go about the issue of customer satisfaction? (open-ended question)

4. How will you solve any customer dispute that arises from your roles in this company? (open-ended question).

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Buy custom Human Resource Management Questions essay paper cheap

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