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Work Arrangements Case Study

1. Both employers and employees are capable of achieving benefits from the alternative work arrangements, which the company can design to provide personnel with flexible work conditions. An organization and its workers have their own interests in the development of alternative work arrangements. First, employers seek an increase in the employee retention rate, loyalty, and morale, improved productivity, and recruiting of highly qualified personnel. Further, the company is interested in designing flexible working hours for all workers to reduce the overall level of the employee's tiredness, which leads to unexpected absences. In general, employers are looking for the maximization of benefits from using equipment and facilities. Their aim is the maximization of the company's competitiveness and profitability by creating flexible working hours for employees.

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Employees, in their turn, also have benefited from the alternative work arrangements. They find advantages from one of the most widespread opportunities to work telecommuting. It helps employees to feel personal autonomy and solve problems with work-life balance. In this way, personnel is capable of paying attention to their routine duties at home and responsibilities at work. It helps to create understanding and trust in the relations between an employer and an employee. Such an approach to work arrangement helps workers to increase the level of job satisfaction (Backhaus, 2015). Also, telecommuting does not harm the overall goal of the employee to move up the career ladder and contribute to the success of the company.

2. Alternative work arrangements require changes in the company's performance. In the majority of cases, firms experience both positive and negative aspects of alternative work arrangements. First, it is difficult to conduct employee training in the same way as for the personnel working the full day. Training requires spending a certain amount of time studying and obtaining new skills at the training center. Work monitoring is another essential part of the company's performance, which demands high attention from managers to control the level of quality. Further, there is a need to control every performance process to ensure that customers will not develop dissatisfaction because of the firm's alternative work arrangements. The same problem touches upon performance evaluation, which requires the collection and analysis of information regarding the productivity of the employee's performance. Further, the company may face difficulties in maintaining the connection between managers and their subordinates. It may happen in light of the difficulties faced by the former related to the traditional system of work arrangements (Cappelli & Keller, 2013). In general, the company needs to weigh both pros and cons of the alternative work arrangements to understand the needs of employees and customers. Otherwise, personnel will develop laziness and will lose their desire to work hard. In this way, customers will see a decrease in the quality of products and services, which they receive. In general, the company should decide when it is appropriate to introduce alternative work arrangements and optimize the existing system of performance.

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3. Companies decide to introduce work arrangements under the influence of various factors of the external environment. First, it is necessary to consider that the majority of people are looking for flexible working hours to take care of their families (Lautsch, Robertson, & Hannah, 2013). Parents are seeking alternative work arrangements to be capable of completing their daily duties at home and earning money to take care of the family.

Students, in their turn, are also looking for flexible work arrangements. The contemporary youth follows the rule of living life to the fullest and taking everything they can. It means that youth wants to have extra time for whatever they want to do beyond work. The contemporary generation of young people is willing to focus on their personal lives and enjoy every single day. It does not mean that this category of employees is less serious and reliable. It means that students are willing to enjoy their life and have an appropriate work-life balance. Also, young candidates look for the job, where an employer will consider them as individuals with their personal characteristics and behavioral manners.

Further, the companies need to consider alternative work arrangements to offer positions to the people nearing the retirement age (McCrate, 2005). Retirement does not mean that there is a need to forget about working at all. However, flexible working hours and opportunities to work from home can be attractive for both the potential employees and the company. Also, the firms need to consider that the number of those nearing the retirement age has a rising tendency, which proves that there is a need to optimize the organization's work schedule.

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4. The Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 is a significant step in the development of every company. In terms of the federal government's performance, it is possible to claim that alternative work arrangements will also benefit employees. It can help them to optimize their performance and train their skills to achieve a new level of excellence. In particular, the government can help its employees to work with higher efficiency and outstanding productivity by offering them alternative ways of performance. Moreover, the federal government will be capable of responding to emergencies and solving problems, which occur on the daily basis as quickly as possible. In general, the law can also help employees to increase their communication skills and autonomy in their performance thanks to the new comfortable conditions of work. An overall level of national security will enhance thanks to alternative work arrangements. Also, the nation will increase its ability to fulfill its goals, while people will be able to take care of their families and enjoy their lives. It means that the new law is the door to a balanced society, which knows how to manage daily duties and responsibilities with high efficiency and outstanding productivity.

5. As far as I see, there is a need to make designing alternative work arrangements a mandatory obligation of every company working in the private sector. It does not mean that the firms should work in a single mode of performance. According to Mellnerm Aronsson and Kecklund (2015), Given the rapid and ongoing developments in working life, there has been increased interest within psychology and organizational research in how boundaries between work and non-work are constructed and maintained. It means that it is important to legalize alternative work arrangements to help employees to enter various programs designed by the companies. Firms need to learn how to operate in different conditions by meeting the needs of their personnel. The law should have an encouraging force aiming to create a flexible business environment, which welcomes employees from different age categories. In this way, it is possible to talk about the further development of every company and its evolution thanks to the contributions of highly qualified workers. Also, alternative work arrangements can help employees to work with outstanding productivity by showing gratitude to the efforts of the firm aiming to meet employees' needs. Finally, new laws should extend the myriad of opportunities for both companies and workers. While some firms still deny the existence of flexible working hours, others benefit from increasing employees' job satisfaction levels using alternative work arrangements. In general, society welcomes new opportunities in business, which help it to grow in the highly developed nation capable of working in balance with everybody life needs.

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Buy custom HRM Work Arrangements essay paper cheap

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