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High-Performance Work Systems

High-performance work systems (HPWS) involve a set of management practices that create such an environment in particular organizations where employees feel great responsibilities. It is a combination of work structures, HR practices, and procedures that maximize employees' flexibility, commitment, skills, and knowledge. Organizations need to follow some critical steps to ensure the successful implementation of high-performance work systems.

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The first step implies an opportunity for employees to participate in the decision-making process. Workers' ability to participate in decision-making is considered as one of the crucial elements of HPWS as it creates a possibility for them to deal with significant decisions affecting their immediate surroundings which, in turn, influences the whole organization's outcomes (Naidu & Chand, 2014). Employees become more committed due to a feeling of empowerment.

The second step is the training of employees. Perfect training provides the staff with an opportunity of assuming greater responsibilities within the firm. It also equips them with the essential abilities and skills required to carry out their jobs more effectively. An organization can also try the means of cross-training of the employees in diverse roles and skills to ensure that they comprehend various positions that are present within the organization.

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Thirdly, an enterprise is supposed to initiate employee incentives. An organization is required to use methods that can link performance with payments to incentivize employees. In this way, the staff is encouraged to pay attention to results that are of benefit to the organization and themselves (Rimmer & Palmer, 2003). These incentives can take many forms. For example, they can be pay raises, profit-sharing plans, all equity plans and stock options, other monetary incentives, and bonuses that are meant to increase the performance. Additionally, incentives can also take the form of non-monetary options which include special employee benefits, group lunches, flex time, and time off. The incentive is distinguished from the previous two steps because they only assist in preparing the organization and employee's successful operation and application of high-performance work systems. Therefore, incentives remain one of the most significant components preventing the occurrence of failures.

In addition to the three steps, technology is a fourth step and one of the essential elements to consider to modernize and facilitate a high-performance work system. Technology must be treated as one of the key parts of any organization aiming for higher success. However, technology does not have to be the foremost edge within the high-performance work systems but it should enable sharing information and messages that are significant to the organization.

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The next step is establishing communication between the members that should enhance honesty and openness among them. Employees should provide each other with constructive and positive feedback and also should listen to each other for better cooperation and improvement of performance (Snell & Bohlander, 2013). To create a good relationship between the employees, the organization should also develop a specific communication process to enable the broadcasting of information regularly.

Team members in an organization should also ensure they make decisions and solve problems on a timely basis. They must be capable to successfully manage conflicts during the working process. The high-performing team should be effective in finding out and resolving complications in addition to making successful group decisions. The team members should be able to identify and solve conflicts in a mutually and timely beneficial fashion.

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An organization that follows all significant and critical steps in its management and working practices remains successful in implementing high-performance work systems. Therefore, high-performing teams within an organization should practice and apply all these steps to facilitate HPWS.

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Buy custom HRM High-Performance Work Systems essay paper cheap

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