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To deal adequately and convincingly with the claim of the former employee that his right to religion was violated, as the elementary division manager of the company, I wish to get to the root cause of the issue. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides that employees of an organization have to be treated equally regardless of color, race, gender, and disability. Regarding the law and realizing the fundamentality of the right of worship, I commit to ensuring that the complainant receives the justice he deserves (Bureau of National Affairs, 1964). The former administration stipulated that employees work on regular shifts for five days. This means that employees have to rest at least one day. Given that most employees worship on Saturdays and Sundays, the allowance of at least one day would have been enough for them to attend worship services. However, from the investigation I conducted, I realized that this was never so. Employers worked hours on end from Monday through Sunday: an action that violates the fundamental provision of The Civil Rights Act of 1964. It especially violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits employment discrimination at the place of work based on religion, color, sex, race, and national origin. Managers and employees have to understand the laws of equal employment opportunities. This ensures that both managers and employees are protected.

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C1 Legal Reference

The claim of constructive discharge by the former employee meets competency, and my recommendation is that he gets compensated for the time lost. Another section of the Title that the change of policy violated is section 703. The section prohibits the infringement of religious doctrines of employees. In this regard, the complainant is justified within his right to file the claim since the policy change violated his fundamental right to worship. The fact that the work schedule was altered from the initial Monday to Friday to Monday Monday is wrong and deprives the complainant of the opportunity to attend worship on Sunday. I use section 706 of the same Title to support the case. This is the section that requires that employees are given equal opportunities at the workplace, irrespective of race, sex, color, and religious beliefs of people. Section 705 of the Title VII of The Civil Rights Act demands that all employees are given the same working conditions. I, therefore, recommend that the company lawyer compensates the complainant (Bureau of National Affairs, 1964). I wish to affirm to the employees that the management has their interests at heart.

C2 Legal Recommendation

Avoiding Legal Issues with Title VII in the Future

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Because of the serious nature of discrimination at the workplace, the company will take the following legal recommendations.

The 1st recommendation. Any employee, who discriminates against another, will be punished in compliance with the Act of Discrimination of 1967. This is injustice and deprives the victims of their rights to equal treatment at the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the federal laws requires that all employees are treated equally. Any employee who does not comply will be prosecuted in line with the provision of the Title VII of The Civil Rights Act.

The 2nd recommendation. The management will enact diversity-related goals to convey to the employees they need for inclusiveness. It will create a forum for employees should have the platform to inform the management of problems they are experiencing, and the proper legal channels they can use to address the issues in line with section 705 of the Act.

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The 3rd recommendation. The company will design and distribute to all employees the discrimination policy so that states under what circumstances they can be disciplined or terminated. The company shall provide training in discrimination policies. Employees should notify the management of acts of discrimination that they experience. The denial of the right to worship contravenes section 703 of Title VII.

Buy custom HRM Employees Worship essay paper cheap

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