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Case Study on HRM

I. Who could be attracted by the company's values?

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The HR manager should focus on the scope of the autonomy, which is provided for the employees that are engaged in the activities of the company. Katzenbach and Khan (2013) consider that nowadays money is not the best motivator that can attract prospective talents; autonomy in the workplace is. In the considered case it is shown that all of the subordinates enjoy the freedom and discretion rights regarding their work. It means that such jobs suit the representatives of the Western countries as it is more inherent for them to take action and show initiative in the workplace. The concept of autonomy in the workplace is less applicable in case the Asian workers are hired as they frequently need control and surveillance of the work and duties they perform. Additionally, more skilled and experienced workers can enjoy the extended scope of the rights to pass decisions at their own discretion.

Furthermore, the company's policies could also lure those who are interested in receiving bonuses depending on their performance rates. As it could be noted from the sheet provided the organization offers $18.000 as an annual bonus to the most pro-active workers. The key aspect that should be stressed in this respect is that the amount of bonus that could be earned depends on individual performance which means that the employee can actually regulate the sum of money that he or she will receive as a reward for his or her efforts. The opportunity of receiving $40.000 is rather appealing for the entry and the experienced workers as well.

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The company does not make difference to the employees when it goes about task variety and fun culture. The development of the latter is rather stable and thus, it can attract the young employees who are willing to socialize and make new contacts that could later transform into friendship.

The company's policies regarding promotions are also rather favorable as it offers promotions once in three years. It could be especially important for the freshers who just enter the world of software. The term is moderate so that everyone has the opportunity to show his skills and abilities to prove that he or she is suitable for the specific job place. Thus, the chances for promotion depend on an individual's willingness to work hard and increase the well-being of the company.

One more thing that seems to be appealing for the young applicants is that the company offers the opportunity of learning, development, and increasing one's potential. It is noted that the organization spends at least $3.000 per employee for training programs. Such data could also lure the experienced workers who are interested in expanding their portfolio or = mastering the skills they already have. Everything is interconnected and the availability of training for the employee mainly depends on his or her job performance rate as well as the rank within the company's hierarchy of titles.

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In addition to all of the above-mentioned, the company also ensures that it provides its employees with the 401(k) bonuses, which equal the 9% of base salary, and apply to every employee who has worked for the company for at least one year.

Thus, it should be noted that the company might seem attractive for the employees who are interested in further self-development that is funded by the company; workers who are willing to receive extra-bonuses for additional efforts they make; and ones who are interested in promotions. Moreover, the key feature that allows one to grow within the company is the rate of job performance. Therefore, those workers who consider themselves to be super-productive, have high rates of job performance, and are willing to give more to receive more are likely to become interested in the job offer provided by the company in question.

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II. Extended and a competitive job offer.

From: HR Manager

To: Keisha Jackson

Dear Miss Jackson,

I am pleased to inform you that after series of evaluations and assessments of the documents you have submitted, our company decided to offer you favorable working conditions which, we are assured, will meet your interests at best.

First of all, our company highly appreciates the initiative and pro-active position in the workplace. Thus, we encourage our employees by offering them an annual bonus that ranges from 0$ to $40.000 and depends on companies and individual performance. Additionally, we add 9% of the base salary as 401(k).

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Being young and curious, you might be interested in professional development opportunities. Our company realizes the need of the workers to grow both professionally and personally. Additionally, it directly links its success to the success stories of its employees. Therefore, we annually invest at least $3.000 per worker in formal and informal training programs.

Revising the documents submitted by you, we noticed that you appreciate the autonomy and are open to any challenges that might encounter you on the professional path. Our company understands that it is rather unwise to control every step the employee makes. Thus, we grant freedom and prefer workers' initiative in the workplace. All of our employees, regardless of rank, possess certain discretion rights. The scopes of these opportunities depend on the experience and the skills of the concrete individual. As to the tasks, they are of different complexity; hence, you will not get bored while working in our company. We promise to offer you mind-stimulating and thrilling tasks that will let you step out of your comfort zone and open new horizons of your professional personality.

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Finally, we encourage our best employee by the opportunity of getting a promotion every three years. During this period you will have time to show your loyalty and surprise others with the skills and expertise you possess.

I am looking forward to your answer and hope that this offer will contribute to your and our company's development.

In case of any questions or requests, please contact me without hesitation.

Yours sincerely,

HR Manager.

Buy custom HRM Case Study essay paper cheap

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