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Proposal Plan

Google.Inc is struggling to come up with a competitive advantage that would double its shareholder's profits. Although it has considered attractive corporate culture, the current structure needs to be overhauled and a more effective system put in place. Google can manipulate corporate culture easily to get success rather than relying on external factors, which are indirectly controlled by the organization. In changing the current corporate culture, Google is supposed to focus on the performance of employees, especially in their key values, beliefs, understanding, and norms. Focusing on building a workforce that beliefs in the same values will enable it to separate itself from its competitors. There are only two corporate cultures that Google ought to bring into the operation of its business, including adaptability and involvement.

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For adaptability culture, Google is supposed to focus on its ability to interpret and translate signals from the working environment into new behaviors of employees. The business nature of Google needs fast responses and risky decision-making (Shani, Chandler, Coget, & Lau, 2008). Thus, some of the values that Google ought to build into its employees include abilities to diagnose problems fast, understand and forecast future issues. When employees can make decisions and act freely, they can meet new needs and respond to customers effectively. The other culture that Google must be keen on building is the involvement culture, which places a high value on satisfying the needs of employees such as cooperation and equality values. Although Google meets the needs of its employees, still there is the potential of growing the business as a family-like atmosphere. Managers work on values such as cooperation of all the employees, resulting in multiplier effects of satisfaction on customers.

One of the obstacles to attaining the desired results of a high-performance environment is disputes among the Google employees. When workers feel that they are not appropriately treated by other employees, they fail to offer the best services to customers (Shani, Chandler, Coget, & Lau, 2008). Mostly, the executives have more power than the subordinates, which results in differences between the two groups. Conflicts occurrence is a common thing among employees, and they affect the operations of Google business as it has not put intensive program and policies of controlling disputes.

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To overcome disputes, Google is supposed to ensure that the employees have relaxed relationships with the executives. For instance, it is supposed to advocate the corporate managers to play different kinds of games with employees. Other methods of reducing tension include allowing employees to put on their own choice of dres' code, and to allow them to manage their offices the way they want. This philosophical approach can make Google have the strongest culture of the workforce, which can drive its mission of becoming the strongest IT Company in the world.

The best method of managing these changes is to put a clear guideline that measures the output. Thus, it is possible to confirm success or failure, as well as record milestones on the achievement of goals. A clear guideline can also communicate to employees what is anticipated of them, the result needed, and the overall benefits of change (Steiber and Alange, 2013). Another most important support is putting a feedback vector of ensuring that once the problem arises, it is diagnosed and rectified. The feedback channel should be adaptable enough to capture the various cultures that Google might be planning to involve, which include adaptive and cooperative culture. For instance, the employees should feel that they are receiving support for issues they encounter in time and at the right place.

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Since conflicts will always occur, Google is supposed to formulate the best solution for managing disputes. The best alternative ought to embrace a collaborating style of solving disputes among the workforce (Steiber and Alange, 2013). In this approach, it should try to satisfy the disputes between both the executives and subordinates. The benefit of this type of conflict resolution is that it seeks to unite all the parties involved, therefore, ensuring mutual gain. Furthermore, this strategy only embraces a win-win orientation and helps Google develop a culture of cooperation among its employees. However, Google should be careful to evaluate the nature of the situation, the type of dispute, and the people involved in the case. Sometimes, it may be inappropriate to consider a collaborative style as it may conflict with the law.

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The new cultural changes can influence Google to develop an informal work environment. By involving these cultural changes; Google can develop improved relationships in the place of work (Shani, Chandler, Coget, & Lau, 2008). For instance, they can improve the teamwork culture, and influence the employees to achieve high results.

In conclusion, Google has a large staff network, and managing this human resource and ensuring effective results is only possible through a change of the current cultural setting. It needs to develop adaptive skills that ensure the cooperation of the employees. The dispute will always occur, and, therefore, it should ensure that a conflict resolution approach that supports the development of a cooperative workforce.

Buy custom Google Employees essay paper cheap

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