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Establishing a Career Development Plan

Effective Human Resource Management includes career planning, career development, and succession planning (Conaty & Charan, 2011). In fact, any organization, which performs without career planning and career development initiatives, is likely to gain the highest rate of natural losses. In its term, this may cause harm to all possible programs and plans (Heathfield, 2013). Moreover, a career development plan is very important as it is a win-win tool for both employers and employees. The plan helps to focus on the employee's requirements for professional growth and development and the assistance that the organization can provide so that all employees can grow in his/her career (Conaty & Charan, 2011).

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The responsibility of being in a leadership role in a Human Resource organization requires a person to meet several objectives. First, it is crucial to attract and re-train talented employees by holding out an offer for careers and not jobs (Conaty & Charan, 2011). Secondly, it is important to use human resources efficiently, which will help to gain better productivity. Thirdly, career planning helps to lower employee turnover. Fourthly, a career development plan helps to improve employees' morale and motivation. Finally, it can help to meet the instant and prospective human resource needs of the organization on a timely basis (Heathfield, 2013).

The career development plan in the Human Resource organization will consist of several steps. The first step encompasses the identification of individual needs and aspirations. Usually, individuals working in the Human Resource organization might face the problem of not having a clear-cut idea concerning their aspirations, goals, and anchors. Actually, for this reason, the human resource professional has to assist an employee. It will be done by giving as much information as possible, showing which work will meet the requirements of the employee most, taking employees' experience, skills, and aptitude into account.

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Such assistance in its term will be extended through various seminars and workshops, where the employees will be undergoing stimulation exercises, psychological testing, etc. Such exercises will help the employee to create a clear vision concerning what should be done to pursue his/her career in the organization. Seminars and workshops increase employee interest by showing the value of career planning. In fact, they help to set clear objectives, define career paths and reveal specific career development activities, which will be later discussed. The employees are to be supplied by the data bank, which encompasses the information on the career histories, skill evaluation, and career preferences of the employees in the organization. These preferences can also be known as a skill or talent inventory. The second step encompasses the analysis of the career opportunities. Upon defining the career needs and aspirations of employees, it is crucial to provide the career path for each position. Career paths define the career progression possibilities clearly. Also, the employees will be shown various positions that they can hold over a period of time if they can perform well.

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It is important to remember that career paths can change over time as they tune with the employee's needs and organizational requirements. The most important thing in the career path providing is a proper balancing of the experienced people, who lack professional degrees and young recruits with excellent degrees having no experience. The third step encompasses the aligning of needs and opportunities. Upon defining all needs for employees and showing them the possibility of a career path existing, it is crucial to align all needs and opportunities. Such a process will encompass two steps. Firstly, it is important to identify the potential of employees, and secondly, to undertake career development programs to align the employee needs and organizational opportunities. The potential of employees can be assessed through the performance appraisal. Therefore, such an appraisal will help to reveal employees who require further training, employees who can take up additional fields of responsibility, etc. Only then such programs as supervisory coaching, planned position rotation, understudy programs, special assignments, and job enrichment will be undertaken to update the skills and knowledge of the employee. The final step encompasses the period review. Such a review will help to uncover all gaps. They can be bridged through the individual career development commitments and efforts supported by the organization. The period reviews will help the employee to understand whether he/she is performing the right things in the right direction, what changes are likely to happen, which skills are required to meet emerging or new organizational changes. This will also help to show how the employee is performing, how the goals and aspirations have changed and whether the career paths are in tune with individual needs and whether they work for the general corporate objectives.

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It takes time to acquire the expertise one needs to become a credible subject-matter expert in career development. Besides, a human resource professional is supposed to work with the organization's most valuable resource, meaning people. The knowledge gained in the course is the basic ground for expertise. Nevertheless, professional work experience is a vital component for Human Resource professionals, especially while gaining expertise in career development. As Human Resources specialists are people who help organizations to manage the staff, it is important to have and develop several skills. In fact, work experience helps to reveal and intensify all these skills (Conaty & Charan, 2011). Firstly, these are strong problem solving, analytical capabilities, and team and leadership skills (Heathfield, 2013). Secondly, these are excellent oral and written communication skills, encompassing the ability to communicate with and influence all levels of management and employees. Thirdly, these are strong process and project planning skills. Fourthly, these are high ethical standards (Conaty & Charan, 2011). Finally, these are self-assurance and flexibility. For a career development plan to work, one needs to expand the view of development and that of employees in the organization.

Buy custom Establishing a Career Developmen Plan essay paper cheap

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